Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Questionable Attitude of the Security Guards at Boulevard Shopping Mall, Kuching

A self employed man lost RM700 while shopping in Boulevard Shopping Mall at 4 ½ Mile Penrissen Kuching. Not only was Tan Kok Hu and his wife’s afternoon spoilt but he was fumed at the injustice by the security guards of the shopping mall and the attitude of the police who were not concerned about his lost wallet.

Tan went shopping on July 31 and was at the food court when he realised his wallet was stolen. He then went to the security guard to ask for help to show the CCTV tape. However, he was asked to go and lodged a police report first so that the tape could be shown to him.

Tan acted on what the security guard at Boulevard asked him to do. Having waited for an hour to lodge his report at Sg. Maong police station, Tang was also told to go to Simpang Tiga One Stop Police Station to lodge the report.

After going back to the shopping mall with two policemen, he was more annoyed that the security guard refused to let him see the tapes and informed that the CCTV did not capture the scene where Tan’s wallet was stolen and further said only those higher up in the Management could view it.

However, the strangest thing is the security guard informed Tan that he knew the spot where Tan was sitting when having lunch with his family. The security guard even brought him to the food court to show where he sat. And how could the security guard who was working in the office know where Tan sat if he claimed that the CCTV did not capture the scene of the incident? Is there something hanky panky going on.

And to make matter worst, the two policemen who accompany Tan stood there doing nothing and watched as he argued with the security guard for about 20 minutes. The only sentence uttered by the two policemen to Tan was “Apa macam Tan, dia tidak mahu kasih tengok?”

I can understand Tan’s anger. He was asked to go and lodged a police report first so that the tape could be shown to him. After that, he was again refused. Why it is so difficult for a victim who is shopping in a shopping mall to view a tape to find out who stole his wallet.

Tan had wasted time to go to the police station and even though the two policemen who went with him did not help at all. I wondered if the policemen know their job. Police could follow opposition members whenever there was a public function or a ceramah. They seem to be everywhere but when it comes to catching criminals, they are at a loss of what to do.

I will write to the Management of Boulevard shopping mall to find out what was really the problem that makes it so difficult to view the CCTV when a victim whose wallet was stolen as well as to the commissioner of police regarding the “tidak apa/tidak paduli” attitude of the two policemen while discharging their duties.

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