Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Najib Appeared To Be Like A Ostrich With Its Head In The Sand

Prime Minister, Dato’ Seri Najib Abdul Razak is losing it. Malaysia is at a stage where the people are not only unhappy but we have the attention of the world in the worst scenario, crackdown of the peaceful rally that turned un-peaceful after police used their bullying tactic.

July 9 2011 will go down as a day of shame for the ruling party, Barisan Nasional. When the people rally behind Bersih movement for a fair and just election, the ‘dirty’ ones will anger by the protest.

If Najib is with the people, he should just give a couple of hours for the Bersih to go on the peaceful rally instead of using all the dirty tricks in his book to discredit them.

A life is lost, People are hurt, bones are fractured, people are choked with tear gas and sprayed with chemical laced water, all because the BN will do anything to stay in power to the extent of hurting its own citizen.

He has the cheek to say that the opposition-backed protesters were trying to paint a picture of Malaysia as a repressive state. He accused the Bersih movement of wanting to hold a peaceful rally and claimed that if the police had not monitored it, it would not have been peaceful.

Najib appeared to be like a ostrich with its head in the sand or he is just simply in a denial mode.

Nothing beats it when he started hitting below the belt. In a very public unbecoming statement, Najib said an opposition leader had orchestrated the Bersih rally as he wanted to become the next PM. Why is he, Najib so worried? Simple, he wanted to stay on in power to continue with the pandering of the country’s assets. And to utter such personal attack on another person is just stooping so low for a PM.

A great PM in any country will not go for personal attack but will address issues and woes brought up by the people. All the people want is a clean election and what is so demanding about that. His slogan

of people’s first, performance now sounds so hollow and cheap.

As he condemn thousands of people hitting the street, Najib himself went down the next day trying to prove a point that he too can take a walk without organizing weeks before and getting a crowd. Now Mr. PM, that is so cheap a way to score point. It cheapens you so.

To all our Malaysian comrades, stand up for your constitutional rights. We should not fear of intimidating tactics from the government. We should stop fear by facing them, the fearful government of ours. We should get them out of power by voting in PR. This is the last and only way to get a fair and just government.

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Yob said...

Najib is fighting a loose battle. Keep pushing.