Thursday, August 25, 2011

BN Dries Up The Coffer With No Money Left For The Needy

When the poor relied on Welfare Aid, it is most cruel to let them wait for it as they need it for their daily living. And this is exactly what is happening to many of the poor families in Kuching who had called me for help as the aid for this month has yet to be banked in to them. Money is supposed to bank into the recipients’ account on the 3rd day of each calendar month.

The Social development and Urbanisation Minister, William Mawan and the Director of Welfare department should get out from their air-conditioned rooms to see how the people are suffering from their inefficient-run ministry and department. They should explain why the poor who already have to rely on handout are not getting them on time, the third time this year.

A few families had contacted me telling me that for the past few months, they have been getting their welfare aid late. These people are already so poor and living from hand to mouth and some are celebrating their Hari Raya waiting for the money to buy the necessities.

I called the Director last month to find out the truth and left messages with the steno but there was no reply until todate. Is the Director asked to conceal the truth? Why is the Director so worried to contact me back to tell me the reason for banking in the money late. These people have to know why their money arrived late. An officer in the department told me that the problem was with the Federal side. What is really going on in the Welfare department?

Why is it that the poor always have to suffer at the expense of the inefficient government. Is the coffer runs dry after the State election or was corruption so rampant that even Welfare Aid money has to be bank in late due to some hanky panky.

I want the Director to explain to the people and not keep them in the dark. That is the least he can do.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

True Colours of Dr. Sim

There are thousands of people in Malaysia who are jobless, genuine jobless people who would search high and low just to get a job.

I always feel sorry for the jobless as their future is uncertain and many have housing or car loans to service and a family to provide for.

When Dr. Sim Kui Hian, a self-claimed jobless man was offered a job by Penang Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng, it surprised many that he turned down the job offer without even an attempt to find out what the offer was all about.

It just shows one thing about Dr. Sim. He is not hard-up for a job or interested to get a job. He is definitely not your average Joe who has house or car loans or debts pilling up, or worrying when the next meal will be.

On April 27, May 11 and June 27, Dr. Sim told the press three times that he is jobless when reporters approached him. After he made the statement the first two times, YAB Lim Guan Eng decided to make an offer to him to work in Penang, out of goodwill in the event Sarawak Government does not offer him a gainful job.

It was on August 10 that I got a letter from Lim asking me to convey to Dr. Sim that a specialist position in Penang is offered to him and I am authorized by Penang State Government to liaise with Dr. Sim respecting the job offer. How many people get a direct offer from the Penang CM?

After I wrote him a letter and passed it through SUPP headquarters on 12.8.2011, I was also taken aback that he made the statement of not wanting the job as he did not know what the offer was or the deal is all about. It is natural for a jobless man to contact your potential employer and hand over your CV and wait anxiously for a reply.

From the way Dr. Sim acted and said in the press, he is definitely not looking for a job. Instead, he is looking for public sympathy after losing in the election. A person without a job and having no steady income (to quote him) would have jumped at an offer by a Chief Minister and handed over his personal data instead of making all sorts of complaints and insincere statements criticizing Penang State Government and DAP.

Whatever it is, I will convey the message to the Penang CM that Dr. Sim is not interested in his job offer.

Definitely, a frank and jobless guy will not act and say what Dr. Sim had acted and said. We now see the True Colours of Dr. Sim.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Job is waiting for Dr. Sim in Penang

After the State election result was announced, my opponent, Dr. Sim Kui Hian had told the press that he is now jobless and has no proper income.

A lot of people, me included, was sad after Dr. Sim who was world known as a cardiologist quit his job as the Head of Cardiac in SIMC to contest against me in the Pending constituency. The Sarawakian has lost a good doctor in a government hospital, this the people felt bad as most wanted him to stay to save the lives of the people.

But we let the water flow under the bridge and look forward to better things in the future. I remembered our comrade Penang CM, YAB Lim Guan Eng had announced in the press that he would welcome Dr. Sim in his state in the event Sarawak does not gives him job.

Dr. Sim, self claimed jobless, said there was no concrete offer from Penang State Government.

On Wednesday 10.8.2011, Penang CM has couriered a letter to me authorize me to liaise with Dr. Sim respecting the offer of a specialist post in Penang. The letter stated that the Penang State government in its quest to build, retain and attract human talent is willing to engage talents whenever they may be without discrimination based on race, religion or even political background.

I had handed over my letter to Dr. Sim through SUPP office last Friday and welcome Dr. Sim to pass me his resume. In the event, Dr. Sim wishes to meet Penang CM directly to discuss the job offer, I am most willing to arrange for a meeting to be held.

In my view this will solve Dr. Sim's unemployment status and allow him to do an honourable job of saving people lives.

Two sets of Policy governing the Setting Up of Giant Billboard

The State Secretary and the Kuching City South (MBKS) decision to remain silent over a giant billboard set up near a housing estate at Taman Stutong Indah is not helping matters and if they think the matter will die a natural death, then they are very wrong.]

Now I want to know why a giant billboard was set up in a housing area in Taman Stutong Indah when Sarawak State Secretary Office claimed that there is no such policy to build giant billboard.

A shop owner had also wanted such a billboard for his commercial area at 4 ½ Mile and had gone to apply for it with Padawan council.

However, the same shop owner was told to go to the State Secretary office to apply for permit but when he went there on August 1, he was told by a staff, there was no such permit for a huge billboard. So why is there a double standard?

Last month, the residents at Taman Stutong Indah had complained that the billboard with “Giant” signage was too huge and placed too near at the back of their houses. With strong winds experienced at every year end, the residents live in fear of the giant billboard collapsing onto their houses.

The residents launched a protest and I have personally contacted the MBKS and a staff told me that the permit of such billboard was the prerogative of the State Secretary office.

I wrote to both the MBKS Mayor and the State Secretary seeking answers but since last month, both the two departments kept very silent on the matter. I learned that the corporation was connected to someone very senior in the BN. The public has a right to know why are there two sets of policy where one applies to BN crony company and the other for ordinary lay person?