Friday, September 21, 2012

SUPP Youth Chief Should Stop All Drama Acting

SUPP Youth chief, Tan Kai had recently said through the media that he would see to the flood mitigation after talking to the people in Bintawa Fishing Village and understanding their problems.

I find this amusing as Bintawa residents have been plagued by flash flood at monsoon seasons annually.

I have brought up this matter in the State Legislative meeting twice last year and written letters to MBKS and relevant authorities on the problem. Besides that, I have also highlighted the issues through the media.

This year, I followed up the issue with the MBKS by writing a letter which as usual, there was no respond.

I was quite surprised that Tan Kai only realized this after talking to the residents there. The problem had been sitting there for decades and when the last SUPP representative from the area was holding an assistant minister position in the state government, he did not see to the problem when he has all the authority to do so as a councilor of MBKS. 

From the answer which I received from the relevant ministry that there will be a flood mitigation project to be carried out in Bintawa.  Other than that, no further details revealed.

I would like the MBKS to do the project as soon as possible to ease the suffering of the Bintawah people and not to use it as a political mileage for the Barisan Nasional.

There should not be a show of ceremony bringing along excavators, heavy machinery just to show the Bintawah people that the project is on. And then after ‘conning’ the votes from the people, the heavy machinery disappeared and the people continue to suffer.

Let it be done this time as the government owes it to the people of Bintawa.