Monday, December 21, 2009

Read Your Itemised Mobile Phone Bill Carefully

A businessman came to me with a box of bills which he has kept since 2005 as proof of how he was scammed by a legal service provider! He had paid more than RM4,000 unknowingly for SMS he received which he did not subscribe to in the first place.

Mr. Tan said the SMS were from companies which deal in offers including football matches, marketing products and some lewd ones on massage services.Tan travel frequently overseas for business and thought that the high bill was due to the raoaming service. After a month of staying put in Kuching, he was amazed at how high the bill was. A check through his itemised bill showed that out of the RM469 paid, RM257 went to the SMS external provider charges.

I called that daylight robbery. Tan went to the DIGI service provider to lodge a complaint and as usual, he was pushed from one branch to another. However, he was persistance and got an agreement that the SMS would stop. Tan was told that each SMS cost between 30 cents to RM5 and even if anyone were to delete the SMS without reading, they are still paying money to the company, the external provider.

Such pratice is not only peculiar with DIGI, but all mobile phone services. I think it is high time the government introduced an anti-scam law like those in Australia, China and United States.

We are always taken for a ride for all sort of scam and this one is worst as the government is allowing it to happen right under their nose. The service provider should take responsibility for the whole scam. They should have blocked the SMS from going out if they were serious in curbing such scam. I wondered if they were getting some kind of commission out of the whole thing.

Mr. Tan said while talking to a staff at DIGI, one supervisor even offered to pay RM100 as compensation to him. The amount is too little compared to the amount already forked out by him in the last few years.

MCMC should do something about it before more people are conned. Imagine the number of 29.62 millions mobile phone users in the country. If each company can collect RM10 a day, the amount collected each day would be 296.20 million ringgit. And for whose benefit, the poor common people? Or the rich cheating on the poor?

Collapsed Jetty at Sungai Apong.

Finally, the offending jetty is removed.

Waking up early is a routine for me. I prefer to do things early as I believed that the earlier one starts a day, the faster and more tasks could be done that day.

I met up with my comrade at our DAP Service Centre at Chonglin Park. We proceeded to Jalan Simen, Pending and headed towards the Sg. Apong jetty which was used as a loading and unloading of Land and Survey boats. I don’t like to critise for the sake of criticising but I don’t understand why a government department could move and left behind broken pieces without even bothering to clear up, in this case, a collapsed cement jetty.

The collapsed jetty had been there for decades and I came to understand that previously, SUPP was approached by the Sg. Apong fishermen to help removed the collapsed jetty. Nothing was done. Year after year, the poor fishermen had to put up with propeller damaged and dented body on their fishing trawlers as the bridge was almost in the middle of the narrow river.

The fishermen had enough problems created to their livelihood and having this one added was too much for them to bear. When they first came to me sometime in October, 2008, I wrote a letter to the controller of the Sarawak River Board on October 4 seeking their assistance to remove the broken jetty.

During the May, 2009 DUN sitting and last DUN sitting in November, I brought up the issue again asking the authority to do something. Finally, the authorities get their foot moving.

The Sg. Apong fishermen called me early this week to convey their thanks. At long last the broken jetty is in the progess of being dismantled. I am happy for them and when I arrived at the jetty, indeed the workers were doing their work. One of them chatted with me and said they could only work when the tide is low. He told me that it was the Drainage Irrigation Department who asked them to clear the obstacles. I think he must be puzzled why I gave him a big grin. I remembered hearing from residents in Sg. Apong that the SUPP had tried to get credit by telling the people that they, (SUPP) had engaged workers to demolish the collapsed jetty!

What a way to get credit. I believe that if the SUPP bothered to go to the ground to help the people, they could get their credit due to them. It is a shame that they could stoop so low to get a few praise that way. SUPP thinks that the people are so stupid that they can be fooled around.

The whole issue has shown that the relevant government departments can indeed do their work if they are given a little push. Those managaing government departments should appreciate problems brought about by inaction on the part of the department itself when it is adding to the daily woes of the local people. The department in fact should be proactive, and act to do things for the people instead of waiting for them to be urged to do so.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Turtles, the Victims of an 'Egg-Stra' Law

Source: Malaysianmirror

KUCHING - Lawmakers not only defend the rights of fellow citizens. Sometimes, creatures other than humans. Pending state assemblyman Violet Yong is adamant about defending the turtles. She is aghast at a show of ignorance to the plight of turtles by some 'dignified' diners who feasted on the eggs of these aquatic species early this year.And she became more furious and disgusted when, recently, Sarawak Forestry Corporation controller Len Latiff advised the public against selling or buying of turtle.Early this year, an English daily showed guests at a police function at Batu Kawa consuming a plate of turtle eggs.

The VIP diners

Among those who attended the dinner were Internal Security and Public Order director Husin Ismail, Sarawak Commissioner of Police Mohmad Salleh, general operations force head Law Hong Soon and heads of departments in the police force."The expose by the daily raised the spectre of whether the application of law has been differentiated between the ordinary people and those who are supposed to protect the law," said Yong, who lodged a report on the matter at the Simpang Tiga police station on March 15, a few days after the offensive dinner.She also raised the issue in the May sitting of the state assembly, only to be told by state public utilities minister Awang Tengah Ali Hasan that there was insufficient evidence to proceed with the case."Insufficient evidence even with photos shown? What more do they want? No evidence? My foot!” said Violet."What a sick joke. And here we have Len asking the people to report immediately to the police if they come across people buying or selling the protected turtle eggs. "Is there two set of laws here, one for the people and one for the authority?”Len had told reporters that he was investigating the issue, adding that humans should not be selfish and cause harm to wild life,including turtle eggs, which are protected under the Wildlife Protection Ordinance 1998."I feel furious and disgusted when I read Len's statement," Yong told Malaysian Mirror.

Case being investigated?
"He should not have opened his mouth at all. What he said makes him look so ignorant. "The story of the police taking the turtle eggs was out on the front page of the English newspaper."I lodged a report and there he was telling reporters then that the case was being investigated." Saying that Len is playing both “Cowboy and Indian” in the issue, Yong said the police should have come clean. She is concerned on how the police are going to nab future offenders as the latter might turn back and tell them that their bosses had also consumed turtle eggs and was never punished!“I am sure the law breaker will tell the police who nab him that it is a case of the pot calling the kettle black”.
The police, she said, had kept an 'eerie silence' on the issue.

A black mark
"For them to break the law blantantly by consuming a protected species and keeping quiet about it, I wonder how much faith the people have anymore in them," she said.The incident, she pointed out, left a black mark on the country as Malaysia is a signatory to the Memorandum of Understanding on Asean Sea Turtle Conservation and Protection.Yong said she would not let the matter rest - for as long as the subject of turtle eggs is mentioned by any authority - until justice is served. - Malaysian Mirror
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Monday, November 16, 2009

My Dun Speech for November, 2009 on SALCO


Tuan Speaker,

Since so much has been said about SCORE. I wish to seek some clarification on the SCORE.

I understand that in order to lure investment to Sarawak, the government is offering, through SESCO, very cheap electricity tariffs to these companies.

However, I was told that the system costs of electricity generation and transmission is approximately RM0.20 per unit.

In one of the business news reports, it was reported that Sarawak Aluminium Company Sdn Bhd is negotiating with the Government of Sarawak for the supply of electricity at the rate of RM0.06 – RM0.08 per kWh and that they are looking at the supply of 1,400 Mega Watts. Even at that price of RM0.10 per unit, that will be approximate RM0.10 per unit (kWh) below SESCO's costs of electricity production.

At such rate, we are talking about SESCO selling to SALCO at an approximate loss of RM1 billion a year. Coincidentally, SALCO is a joint venture between Rio Tinto and CMS Berhad. Why are we selling electricity to SALCO so cheaply while other industrialists and businesses pay so dearly for electricity.

My Dun Speech for November, 2009 on Land Issue at Sejingkat/Bako

Land Issue at Sejingkat/Bako area
If the lands in Bako area which are registered under the names of Raziah @ Rodiah Binti Mahmud (CM's sisiter) and Tommy Bin Bugo @ Hamid Bin Bugo can be free from Section 47 notification and furthermore with perpetuity term, why can't other ordinary landowners enjoy the same conditions like the Chief Minister’s sister and Tommy Bin Bugo @ Hamid Bin Bugo? Why certain people are more equal than others? We should not run the state like an “Animal Farm”.
Tuan Speaker,

The next pertinent issue I would like to voice out is Land Issue, particularly touching on Section 47 of the Land Code.

For many years, the people in Sarawak have been expressing great dissatisfaction that many lands had been imposed under Section 47of the Land Code.

As revealed by the Land and Survey Department, as at 30.4.2009, there are still 397 parcels of land in Sejingkat/Bako area which are still subject to Section 47 notification since 1974. Hence, the Section 47 notification has caused great anxiety to the landowners in Sejingkat/Bako.

Tuan, Speaker,

We know very well that Section 47 represents a clog on the land for further private development or dealings, whether by way of sale or purchase or used for purpose to obtain loan from the banks or financial institutions. What horrify the landowners now is that the BN state government uses Section 47 notification as an excuse for not renewing the terms of leases of those lands in Sejingkat/Bako which are going to expire soon. Many landowners in the area have expressed their anxiety that in view that their lands are going to expire and that the state government refuses to grant extension of the lease term of their lands due to Section 47 notices. They worry that they will lose their property and end up with nothing because the state government does not have to pay them a single cent upon the expiry of their land lease. If the BN state government is a caring government as claimed, why the government is so heartless to let the landowners go through all these agony? With Section 47 restriction against private land development or dealings, where is the justice and fairness to all these land owners?

Why do the BN Government need 35 donkey years to sleep on Section 47? Where is the promise to review Section 47 every two years? 35 years for any Section 47 notification is very unreasonable. Therefore, it is high time for the State Government to revoke Section 47 Notifications imposed on these lands.

Tuan Speaker,

We DAP are not asking the government to do away with Section 47 of the Land Code. What we propose is Section 47 of the Land Code should be amended so that all notices imposed on the land under Section 47 of the Land Code shall automatically lapse two years after its imposition if the government does not proceed with the acquisition of the affected lands within the said two years period.

My Dun Speech for November, 2009 Sitting on Penan Issue

1. Penan Issue
Tuan Speaker,

Let me touch on a thorny issue which is not only sensitive to the state government but also to me. I consider it sensitive as I do not want any women, be they Chinese, Malay, Dayaks, Indians or Penan to go through it. I have to fight for this injustice for all women in Malaysia.

Rape is such a degrading act against women and some never recovered from the trauma of it. The worst are those who were impregnated during the heinous act.

The NGO had been brave to highlight the issue on rape of Penan Women last year, yes, a year passed by already. What is being done? Has any rapist been arrested? Has any justice been rendered to the victims? NO! Nothing concrete has been done yet! Where is the justice for these survivors of rapes?

Tuan Speaker,

Instead of spear-heading the investigation when the rape on Penan girls and women was brought out, there was an outcry of denial from all corners as the rapists roamed the jungles free. Instead, the NGO who broke the story ended up being the guilty ones. The leaders of this land including the Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister II, who is also in charge of Penan Affairs and the Minister for Land Development tried to sweep the issue under the carpet with accusations of the reports as being lies, calling the Penan good storytellers and asking newspapers which blew out the issue to check their facts. The NGO were branded liars and trouble-makers.

When the Woman, Family and Community Development Department made a finding early this year and confirmed that there were indeed rape cases of Penan girls, our state leaders came out strongly against the reports stating it as doubtful. The national media who broke the story was even accused of being Saboteurs.

Our DCM II who is also in charge of the Penan Affairs, denied outright when the report first surfaced. He said he went to Baram often and never heard of any rape case there. Is it because the DCM II did not want to listen to unpleasant issues or is it that the people did not trust him enough to solve such a ‘big’ problem?

Has the DCM II, who was assigned to protect the Penans, failed in his job? Why was he so fast to deny the truth vehemently when the issue broke out?

He should be stripped off his position of Penans Affairs when he has shown no compassion to the victims but instead exhibited extreme prejudice and insensitiveness.

Tuan Speaker,

The rakyat wants an answer. Who is the BN government trying to protect? Is the BN government trying to protect the logging companies who hired these rapists?

If the Penan issue happens in another country, I believe the Ministers and those who were involved would have apologized immediately and resigned to save their reputation. But, this is Malaysia. No one with such power gripped in their fists would want to let go no matter how many mistakes they have made and how many lives have been destroyed due to their non-committal efforts in taking the people’s welfare at heart.

At the Parliament recently, despite Shahrizat having confirmed second time that the sexual assault on the Penan girls are true, did any of our state leaders accept the fact and ensure that a wrong should be set right? NO, No one from the Barisan National is interested in the Penan issue because the Penan to them is of no monetary value and the setting up of roadblocks in the interior prevented their cronies from fattening their wallets. To them, the Penan issue brought out by the NGO is something they wanted suppressed from the world. The best solution for the BN government now is how to sweep the whole thing under the carpet.

Tuan Speaker,

The police, the consortium of law enforcer should take a huge chunk of the blame in their lackadaisical attitude towards the rape issue. There were so many excuses made by the police that one wonders if they were unable to function at all. With all the reports revealed, they still failed to do anything right. First, it was alleged that the victims were unable or did not want to co-operate. The police even blamed the NGO for giving zero co-operation.

It is time the police show some empathy. For once, do something right. Don’t be used by big companies and the ruling party for their own political and financial gain. Please check your conscience and get the suspects. The timber camps have been named. What is so difficult to go to the camps and do some questioning? Don’t just be good in questioning and harassing opposition politicians only. Do something useful.

24 projects with RM80 billion investments approved in SCORE had been announced but the BN has really failed to score any marks in helping their fellow Sarawakians including the Penan when it comes to lining their pockets. It is just so pathetic.

Monday, October 26, 2009

DUN Questions for November, 2009 Sitting

1. Bertanya Kepada YAB the Chief Minister and the Minister for Planning and Resource Management:-

On matter relating to lands gazetted under Section 47 at Bako/Sejingkat area in Kuching :-

(a) Does the State Government have any development plan for the lands gazetted under Section 47 at Bako/Sejingkat area in Kuching? If so,:-

(i) What are the development plans and the stages of implementation of the said plans as at 30.9.2009?

(ii) Please give details of the lands (i.e. lot number, block number and acreage) that have been affected by the said development plan(s) at Bako/Sejingkat area.

(iii) What is the amount of compensation that is likely to be paid out by the state government to the land owners as a result of the acquisition of lands in part (ii) above for the purpose of the said development?

(b) Given that:-

(i) there are still 397 parcels of land in Bako/Sejingkat area that have been subject to Section 47 Land Code (Chapter 81) 1958 since year 1974;

(ii) there is no Section 48 notice issued for the said 397 parcel of lands in Bako/Sejingkat area all these years;

(iii) the state government is always entitled to re-impose Section 47 notification should the government truly required the land(s) for public purposes as and when it needs it; and

(iv) for the natural justice and fairness to the landowners of the said 397 parcels of land in Bako/Sejingkat area;

Is the state government prepared to uplift the Section 47 Notice on all the said 397 parcels of land around Bako/Sejingkat pending any concrete decision respecting any potential development at Bako/Sejingkat area by the government?

(Written Answer)

2. Bertanya Kepada YB the Minister of Infrastructure:-

The ministry concerned had informed the August House on 2.8.2006 that Jabatan Kerja Raya is bidding for the federal funds under the 9MP to upgrade Jalan Setia Raja to a six-lane road. The round about near the Rajah Court Hotel will be upgraded to a traffic signal controlled junction. And also the section of Jalan Simen Raya near CMS Factory will also be improved as part of the bridge upgrading. However, there is still no sign of progress on sites respecting the aforementioned projects since its announcement three years ago. Please state:-

(i) Whether the projects abovementioned are still in plan?

(ii) If so, please furnish details as to the stages of implementation, the commencement dates, the contract sum involved and the estimated time of completion of each project abovementioned.

(iii) The causes of delay in commencing the abovementioned projects since its announcement of more than three years ago?

(iv) If the answer in part (i) above is in the negative, why?

(Written Answer)

3. Bertanya kepada YB Minister of Industrial Development -

On the matter relating to the proposal of building a permanent wholesale market at 6th Mile, Jalan Kuching/Serian, in the answer supplied to my question no. 3 raised in the last May, 2009 sitting, it was stated that the Majlis Perbandaran Padawan had submitted the proposal and that it was a private driven project. Please state:

(a) When and where did Majlis Perbandaran Padawan submit the proposal to?

(b) Whether the said proposal has been approved by the relevant authority? If so, when? If not, why?

(c) Why the state government who claimed to be caring to its people does not take up the initiative and responsibility to provide the basic facility to the wholesalers in Kuching by building a permanent shelter but instead leave it to the private sector to take up the project?

(Written Answer)

4. Bertanya kepada YAB the Chief Minister and the Minister for Planning and Resource Management:-

In replying to my question No. (6) raised in November, 2008 sitting, the relevant ministry in its written answer informed that from year 2002 until 27.10.2008, a total of 80,933 hectares of state land in Sarawak have been directly alienated to private companies. In respect thereto, please list out in table form of each alienation with details of company names, particulars of state land with lot number and acreage, the purpose of development etc. and the premium paid for.

(Written Answer)

5. Bertanya kepada YB Minister of Environment and Public Health:

On matter relating to policlinic:

(a) For years, Tanah Puteh Policlinic, Kuching is facing a major problem of frequent power trips of at least 10 times per day due undersupply of electricity power in the said clinic. Please state:-

(i) Whether the ministry is taking the necessary steps to upgrade the existing electricity power to “three phased power”?

(ii) If so, please furnish details as to when can the upgrading works be carried out, the cost involved and the time frame to have the problem fully resolved.

(iii) In the answer in part (i) is in the negative, why so?

(b) In view that the Tanah Puteh Policlinic always overcrowded with average of 400 patients daily with patients come as far as Petra Jaya and that there are only 2 doctors on duty per day to cope with the numbers:-

(i) Whether the government has plan to build more and better polyclinics in the vicinity of Bandar Kuching and or Petra Jaya constituencies to meet the needs of the growing population and improving health care for the people?

(ii) If so, what is the plan? Please furnish details including the location, size of the policlinics and/or hospitals as well as the commencement date of the project and the estimated time of completion of the project.

(iii) If not, why?

(Written Answer)

6. Bertanya kepada YAB the Chief Minister and Minister of Planning and Resource Management:-

On matter relating to the compassionate aid fund for the flood victims, the Resident office, Kuching had via its letters dated 3.8.2009 (Ref: RBK/M.37Jld.22) and 12.8.2009 (87)RBK/M.37 Jld.22) respectively informed that the names of the flood victims from Bintawa Fishing Village, Lorong 1 Bintawa Fishing Village and Kampung Kudei had been entered in their registry and also forwarded to the higher authority for consideration and approval, please state

(a) Which higher authority is processing the application?

(b) Whether the approval has been granted? If so, what is the amount approved per household and when can the money be given out to the flood victims?

(c) If not, why the delay?

(Oral Answer)

7. Bertanya kepada YAB the Chief Minister :-

As reported in the Borneo Post dated 1.8.209, the Director of MACC Sarawak has mentioned in a forum that between 2004 and 2009, MACC Sarawak had received the following corruption complaints against the respective councils/District Office:


Name of the Council/District Office

Number of Complaints Received


Dewan Bandaraya Kuching Utara



Bau District Office



Majlis Perbandaran Padawan



Majlis Bandaraya Kuching Selatan



Sri Aman District Council



Lubok Antu District Council



Saratok District Council



Betong District Council



Lundu District Council



Serian District Council



Samarahan District Council



Simunjan District Council


(a) What is the status of investigation and action taken by MACC sarawak against the abovementioned corruption complaints received against the respective councils/District Offices? Please provide detailed status report against each complaint received including names of the officers being investigated, the complained act of corrupt practices by the relevant officers, the date of investigation being carried out etc.

(b) Whether charges have been proffered against the relevant officers under the law?

(Written Answer)

8. Bertanya kepada YAB the Chief Minister:-

On 1.7.2008, Press Metal Berhad (“PMS”) had executed a Power Purchase Agreement with Syarikat SESCO in connection to the power supply of 600 MW for PMS’s Mukah Smelting Plant by 2010.

(a) Whether the state government is prepared to reveal the terms and conditions respecting the Power Purchase Agreement between Syarikat SESCO and PMS? If so, when can the copy of the Power Purchase Agreement be extended to all the Honourable Members of the August House? If not, why?

(b) What is the years of term and the unit rate charged per MW by Syarikat SESCO for the supply of power to PMS under the Power Purchase Agreement ?

(c) What is the amount of profit earned and/or loss suffered by Syarikat SESCO annually from the supply of power to PMS?

(Written Answer)

9. Bertanya kepada YAB the Chief Minister and the Minister for Planning and Resource Management:-

On matter relating to development projects:-

(a) What developments and/or upgrading projects including private sector driven projects of all forms be it buildings, complexes, roads, bridges etc have been approved and carried out in the constituencies of Padungan (N.9), Pending (N.10), Batu Lintang(N.11), Kota Sentosa (N.12) and Batu Kawa (N. 13) for the years of 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011?

Please state the answer in table form of each project under respective constituency with full details of name of projects, commencement date, completion date, contract sum, stages of implementation, developers’ name, contractors’ name, indicates every projects whether it is federal, state or private sector drive projects etc.

(b) What are the total amount of the state and federal allocations for development carried out or intended to be carried out in each of the constituencies of Padungan (N.9), Pending (N.10), Batu Lintang(N.11), Kota Sentosa (N.12) and Batu Kawa (N. 13) for the years of 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011?

(Written Answer)

10. Bertanya kepada YB the Minister of Infrastructure:-

A collapsed jetty behind the Land and Survey Store at Jalan Simen, Pending and “Maimuna” shipwreck embedded in nipah swamp have partially narrowed a section of Sungai Apong and thus causing great obstruction to the fishing trawlers using the said river:-

(a) When will the Land and Survey Sarawak start removing the collapsed jetty as what has been told in the August House by the ministry concerned in May, 2009 sitting?

(b) What is the cause of delay for Land & Survey Sarawak to take its own sweet time for carrying out the necessary steps to remove the said obstacle?

(c) Whether the discussion between Sarawak River Board and the Department of Museum Sarawak which was supposed to be held in June, 2009 had been materialized respecting the salvage of the shipwreck? If so, what was the outcome of the discussion?

(Oral Answer)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Penny Wise, Pound Foolish!

The Government can afford to buy two Submarine costing RM3.4 billions ringgits but they could not afford to pay for five cans of Ridsect costing RM43.50.

I only knew how hard-up the Civil Defence is after I personally made a call to them on Thursday afternoon. The 991 cannot afford to buy Ridsect but our government can buy submarines.

It all started last Saturday when a mother from Sg. Moyan wanted to spend quality time with her brother and three children to play in the jungle near their flat. After a swarm of hornets attack them, the three children were killed while the mother is still fighting her life in the Intensive care unit. Her brother is the only lucky one who escaped the fatal attack.

This is a bitter lesson for Kuchingnites to learn. After the incident, everyone appears to be looking upward searching their areas for hornet nests. And I must say, the hornets breed fast and far.

An officer from 991 was interviewed by the media following the incident urging the public to contact the department for help if they came across any hornet nests. I was impressed by their readiness to assist the people.

Back to Thursday, I received a few phone calls on the whereabouts of the hornet nests. I called 991 to give them the information. I was surprised when I was asked to describe the size of the hornet nests. I told them I have no idea as the complainant asked me to relay the message to them. I asked if they could go and see for themselves, providing them the location for their easy reference. The officer replied that they had too many phone calls and was unable to do so. I called back to the complainant and asked him. I then called 991 again to convey the size of the hornet nest which was described as the size of a rice plate.

Then the officer of the 991 dropped the bombshell: “Can you ask the complainant to get ready a five cans of Ridsect and we will try to go tonight”. I must say I was not only taken aback but was too shock to answer him. I can only say I will convey back the message.

The reality of the situation hit me hard. If it were not a serious matter, I would be laughing away. On September 3, the first submarine arrived in Malacca Straits and Defence Minister, Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the 2nd one will arrive in December. He announced that in the 13th and 14th Malaysia Plan, the Ministry will try to acquire a few more submarines.

Here we are buying submarines worth billions. And the government CANNOT AFFORD to buy a few cans of Ridsect to save the lives of Malaysians!!! And all this time, I was impressed by the news report that 991 is willing to walk the extra mile and help the people. For once, a government department had taken an extra step to help the people. How wrong and disappointed I am to learn that there is a catch there.

Why is it that the people always must bear the consequences? There are lots of hornet nests found in trees and rooftops. It is not the people who breed the hornets there.

The officer-in-charge of 991 here should get his people moving. Go down to see how large the hornet nests are when people called up. Write to your bosses to ask for funding. If the government can afford to buy submarines, I am sure they can buy you Ridsect by the dozens. The Internal security department of which 991 is under will not break its bank buying Ridsect to save people lives but with more submarines (I am still wondering what it was for, another Malaysia Boleh ego trip for the government?), tax payers money are not used wisely.

And when you service the people, please do it sincerely. Do not ask them to buy the basic necessities for you to do your job when it should be your Ministry’s responsibility to do so.

The whole incident left a sour taste thinking of the logical inefficiency of our government system. The country may have the means of saving the country from enemies invading our shores, but to destroy a few hornets nests in Kuching, it would require members of the public to purchase the means to do it.

What next – members of the public pay for the petrol in police cars when they lodge police reports? I understand this is standard practice in a neighbouring country.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mosquitoes attack!

Special Branch Officers

Police in full force!!

I and a group of us DAP members spent Saturday morning donating blood, not to save lives but to feed mosquitoes at Taman Emas, Mile 9, Penrissen. We from the DAP including Chong Chieng Jen decided to hold a protest in front of the company which has ‘invaded’ Taman Emas and set up roots there by dumping several spots with recycle tyres.

I am not against people doing an honest business but I do dislike those who do business at the expense of the discomfort of the people. And this is one of the cases where the people’s well being and welfare were not taken into consideration.

Two years ago, I was called by the residents there to look into their plights where a mountain of recycled tyres was dumped there. The residents were not only unhappy with the ugly tyres taking shape near their houses but the invasion of mosquitoes was too much for them to bear. They were also worried that if the tyres burned down, the air would be filled with poisonous gas.

I went there to see for myself. Then on October 2, 2007, I wrote to the Padawan municipal council, Department of Environment, Samarahan district council asking them to ensure that the company be moved to a more appropriate place. Actually, the owner had agreed to do so earlier on.

Alas, two years have gone, the tyres are still there although less, but the swarm of mosquitoes are happily making the area their residence.

We went there at 11 am and not long after that, the police arrived. Ok, they may have a job to do. I would be grateful if they were there to film the tyres or to report to the higher authority the suffering faced by the people. If only that would happen, Malaysia would have been a better place to live in.

While the residents were in the process of signing the petition letter, more police were seen to have arrived. To me, the horde of policemen appears like harassment and resulted in some of the residents were too scared to sign. There were at least a total of 5 police vehicles and about 20 policemen, which made the area looked like a place where a major crime has been committed.

One of the residents was heard complaining that in the past, when they reported cases of crime in their area, the police were either late in arriving or they would not bother. He said, “Now, we have a complaint against the company and they are so efficient to come and see what the DAP are doing here,” he said cynically.

I certainly agreed with the resident’s statement. If only the police are efficient to fight crime, solve housebreaking cases, snatching cases instead of concentrating their effort in running after opposition members, who were in fact trying sincerely to help the people.

If the authorities had acted years ago when the matter was first brought up, do you think we would have to go there today? Had the police, who were there this morning in droves, patrolled the housing areas or the city, I am sure there are less crimes happening today. Come on, you all have your priority all wrong. We were not there shouting slogans against the government; we were there to ask the authority to do something for the 100 over residents there who are afraid of getting dengue fever due to the invasion of mosquitoes.

The government spends so much money on advertisement in the electronic and printed media telling the public to be aware of dengue, keeping their house clean, changing water frequently to prevent breeding of aedes mosquitoes and here we have a classical case of mosquitos’ breeding ground, and they are all turning a blind eye!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

MBKS sits on fallen tree complaint

Almost a year ago, I wrote to the Kuching City South (MBKS) telling them of a few trees which were leaning towards the house of a Mr. Sim at 1106, Lorong 2 Chong Kiun Kong, urging the Council to chop down the trees before further damages could be done.

I had followed up by calling the Council’s Hotline and was given the excuse that the trees are on a private land.

I suggested to the council that due to the danger the trees might pose to Mr. Sim’s house and nearby residents, I asked them to chop the trees and the expenses be billed to the land owner.

Mr. Sim and his nearby neighbours had said that if the trees were to fall on their houses and cause damages, they would sue the council.

A week ago, I received a phone call from Mr. Sim who told me that a tree had fallen near his house, while those leaning trees appeared to be getting closer to his property. And this time, I called the Hotline again, urging for immediate help before anyone gets hurt.

This morning I took time to go to Mr. Sim’s house to take a look and was dismayed to find that nothing was done. The fallen trees, the shrubs and the debris covered part of the entrance leading to Mr. Sim’s house.

I can imagine the frustration Mr. Sim and his family is feeling. To make matters worst, the footpath at the side of his house has become inaccessible.

I am dismayed at the attitude of the council. Do they want to wait until another tree falls on someone? The council is a service orientated organization who should be looking into the welfare of the people. Complaints had been made not only once, but they choose to ignore the issue.

A year has passed. The pertinent question now is to wonder whether those trees and shrubs should be allowed to grow in front of their houses. Are Mr. Sim and his neighbours too insignificant for the authorities to help them? Whatever the reason, I hope the council would do something to clear the shrubs and debris. It is unfair for Mr. Sim and the others to live in such condition which creates an unsightly image right in front of their house.

Another point I wish to bring up here is that despite having written to the council, they never even have the courtesy to reply or raise the issue for discussion. I think it is time for the Council to move forward, and the working attitude among some its staffs have to be changed. They should be more efficient and friendly.

Friday, September 4, 2009

RM300 Million DUN Complex, But People's Questions Not Answered

I always believed that an elected State assembly person’s job is to see that the people’s woes and queries are attended to. I am very disappointed with the Barisan Nasional State Ministers and Assistant Ministers’ attitude in how they perceived and handled issues when posed to plights brought out by the people.

During the May, 2009 Dewan sitting, I submitted 7 questions on environment issues, land issues, floods, projects and others pertaining to the people’s problem. Till now I have not received any answers. This shortcoming is not to be endured by me but also by other DAP ADUN despite our Chairman insisting and requesting for the answers to be submitted by or on August 18 last month.

This showed the lackadaisical attitude of the BN State Ministers and Assistant Ministers’ attitude who are either sitting on the problems or not showing their concern.

The State government should be serious in tackling the people’s problems and by sitting or sweeping the matter under the carpet would not solve any problem. What is the use of having RM300 million DUN complex if people's problem not attended.

Disregarding and avoiding our questions is equivalent to the Barisan Nasional’s way of putting aside the people’s problems. It is almost five months already and here you are, we are still waiting for answers.

I hope the answers would be ready soonest. If they are not forthcoming within within two weeks, we would be forced to table a motion to deduct the Ministers and Assistant ministers pay by RM10.00 in the next sitting in November.

It is shameful that the salaries of these ministers are paid by tax payers’ money and all they do is to sit on the people’s problem without taking any effort trying to solve them. Put it blantly, "makan gaji buta". And obviously, "Malaysia Boleh"!