Monday, November 16, 2009

My Dun Speech for November, 2009 on Land Issue at Sejingkat/Bako

Land Issue at Sejingkat/Bako area
If the lands in Bako area which are registered under the names of Raziah @ Rodiah Binti Mahmud (CM's sisiter) and Tommy Bin Bugo @ Hamid Bin Bugo can be free from Section 47 notification and furthermore with perpetuity term, why can't other ordinary landowners enjoy the same conditions like the Chief Minister’s sister and Tommy Bin Bugo @ Hamid Bin Bugo? Why certain people are more equal than others? We should not run the state like an “Animal Farm”.
Tuan Speaker,

The next pertinent issue I would like to voice out is Land Issue, particularly touching on Section 47 of the Land Code.

For many years, the people in Sarawak have been expressing great dissatisfaction that many lands had been imposed under Section 47of the Land Code.

As revealed by the Land and Survey Department, as at 30.4.2009, there are still 397 parcels of land in Sejingkat/Bako area which are still subject to Section 47 notification since 1974. Hence, the Section 47 notification has caused great anxiety to the landowners in Sejingkat/Bako.

Tuan, Speaker,

We know very well that Section 47 represents a clog on the land for further private development or dealings, whether by way of sale or purchase or used for purpose to obtain loan from the banks or financial institutions. What horrify the landowners now is that the BN state government uses Section 47 notification as an excuse for not renewing the terms of leases of those lands in Sejingkat/Bako which are going to expire soon. Many landowners in the area have expressed their anxiety that in view that their lands are going to expire and that the state government refuses to grant extension of the lease term of their lands due to Section 47 notices. They worry that they will lose their property and end up with nothing because the state government does not have to pay them a single cent upon the expiry of their land lease. If the BN state government is a caring government as claimed, why the government is so heartless to let the landowners go through all these agony? With Section 47 restriction against private land development or dealings, where is the justice and fairness to all these land owners?

Why do the BN Government need 35 donkey years to sleep on Section 47? Where is the promise to review Section 47 every two years? 35 years for any Section 47 notification is very unreasonable. Therefore, it is high time for the State Government to revoke Section 47 Notifications imposed on these lands.

Tuan Speaker,

We DAP are not asking the government to do away with Section 47 of the Land Code. What we propose is Section 47 of the Land Code should be amended so that all notices imposed on the land under Section 47 of the Land Code shall automatically lapse two years after its imposition if the government does not proceed with the acquisition of the affected lands within the said two years period.

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FirstFruits said...

All NCR lands which the white haired monkey and his cronies took from the natives must be returned to the owners if and when PR takes over the government and all appeal cases against NCR owners must be rescinded

NCR lands planted with palm oil trees by crony companies who are trespassers must also be returned to the rightful owners.