Saturday, May 21, 2011

Recreation Parks at Kali Garden Unmaintained and Unkempt

Kuching is lack of facilities especially for senior citizens and even for the younger generation who has to pay to go to a gym.

A park in housing areas is considered a God-send for a lot of people who would exercise, relax or for the senior citizen, a chat with neighbours while doing some light exercise in the evening.

The park in Kali Garden along Jalan Resak is very utilized but unfortunately, unmaintained and unkempt.

I was asked by residents there to take a look at the park this morning. The park is not considered a park as it is just a few trees, no proper rubbish bins and no lighting facilities.

A resident said he used to go to the park daily and with the hot season, he hoped that there are more greens grown.

The same resident said recently, he saw about 50 plants brought to the site but only four plants were planted. He wondered what has happened to the rest of the plants.

Kuching City South is the authority to be responsible for the plants and the council should do an investigation to find out where the rest of the plants are.

Like most parks all over Kuching, the council did not do a good job of maintaining them. Either the place is dimly lit or without proper shrubs and greens and the trees are in need of watering.

Back to the Kali Garden park, another resident staying nearby complained that by dusk, group of youths could be seen drinking or glue sniffing causing a nuisance. She said it was due to the darkness of the park.

In Australia, Singapore and even Penang, the trees are in healthy state. There are no fungus grown on palm trees and the shrubs are neatly trimmed. I do hope the council would take a look not only at Kali Garden park but all the parks in the city to upgrade and make it look more presentable for ordinary people to enjoy.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Request from Lorong Dato Bandar 2, Kenyalang Parks

I want to thank all my supporters who voted for me and for those who were not in my constituencies; I want to thank you for voting all my Pakatan Rakyat comrades. For those who did not vote for me, it is alright.

I just hope you can realize one day that what we struggle for is for you all to have a clean and transparent government. We have Penang as a an example.

Now it is time to get down to business and I hope that the government departments and statutory bodies will continue to work and service the people when we helped to highlight these issues.

I want to point out to the empty space in front of houses nos. 310, 311, 312, 407, 408, 409 & 410 of Lorong Dato Bandar 2, Kenyalang Park. The residents there have been putting up with bushes and lalang for ages. Before the election, someone was thoughtful to trim the grasses there.

The residents hoped that the MBKS will turn the empty space into car parking lot. After all, an adjacent block of houses there had already a car park area which is neat and clean. Besides the car park, the residents hoped that more street lighting will be put up.

The residents there have also given me a petition letter for me to pass to MBKS. I hope that the MBKS would be doing something about the matter. After all, the Prime Minister has said it too many times, “People’s first, Performance Now". Let us see if MBKS heed that call.