Friday, December 26, 2008

Homeless man who called Kuching Waterfront his home

About a week ago, a skiny man in his 60s, originally from Sibu came to the office. When I walked down the staircase to meet him on the first floor of our office, an instant greet from this man "YB, I need your help". With no hesitation, I invited him to the office conference room to hear out his problem.

The first statement from him (with tears in his eyes) was " Wui (my chinese name), if not of desperation I would not come to you." I was suprised that he called me using my chinese name. Usually, only those who knew me well would call me "Wui".

He told me during his employment, lodging was provided to him but ever since he stopped work as a construction worker months ago due to severe pain in his left arm, he had to call Kuching Waterfront his home. He slept on bare ground with no mattress, pillows and blanket.

He articulated to me how he attempted helps from those whom he could think of including the SUPP YBs in Sibu and Kuching. But to his disappointment, no sincere helps came from them. All he got from them were excuses and empty forms. He was told to fill the forms himself and submit up to the relevant authority. This was the so called help from SUPP guys. No mercy and care from them towards the less fortunate. All they say and do is about "Kantow... Kantow and Kantow"..

After getting all facts and information from him, I drove him personally to the Welfare Department, Kuching. I met up with the relevant officer and asked the welfare department to give this man a shelter.

I am pleased with the efficient service of the welfare department, Kuching in dealing with this specific matter. I was officially informed by the welfare department that they had given this man an "One Off" financial aid of RM60.00 as well as Travel Cost of RM52.00 to send this man back to Sibu.

This man had eventually decided that he does not wish to stay in the welfare home as he wants to be independant and find a job later to survive. In view of his condition, the Welfare Officer had also liased with the Welfare Department in Sibu to process the monthly welfare aid to be given to this man.

At least, I had shown guidance to this man so to able him to go on with his life.

For DAP, we serve with pride despite of race, religion, culture, poor or rich.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

DAP Sarawak 30th Anniversary Dinner

DAP Sarawak 30th Anniversary Dinner was successfully held on 14th December, 2008. The heavy downpour on Sunday evening did not stop the staunch supporters of DAP from attending the dinner. The dinner was fully packed. I was touched by the spirit of DAP 's Supporters.

This is the first ever biggest DAP's dinner held in Sarawak with 3500 people attending. NO doubt, the great support from the people drives us to work harder.

Below are some pictures taken during the dinner.

Welcoming the CM of Penang YAB Lim Guan Eng

Singing "Negaraku"

"The Two Ladies" - Ms. Ting Tze Fui ADUN for Meradong and I

Birthday Cake cutting ceremony. The cake weighs 100 kg! No joke!

A touching moment.

"Surprise Gift"from YAB Lim to Mr. Chong Siew Chiang

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bizarre Statements by Ding Kuong Hing on Tar College

I cannot believe that statements made by a MP of Sarikei could be that bizzare.

This morning, what had caught my attention was a news in page 2 of today's Eastern Times with the heading "Chong a sore loser, says Ding".

As we all know, in the March 8th General Election this year, SUPP had made a big "huha" on the issue of "where there is Ding, there is Tar College" to fish for votes in the Sarikei Parliamentary Election. Ting Pek Kiing even made public statements that he will build the Tar College if Ding wins. As a result, due to the sweet empty promises of SUPP, DAP's candidate Dr. Wong Hua Seh lost by 51 votes to Ding in the last general election.

Despite the winning of Ding in Sarikei, there is still no Tar College built. It remains a lie of SUPP and its leaders!!

On the 3.12.2008, Chong, MP for Bandar Kuching received the clarification from Higher Education Minister in Parliament that there was never any application made from Sarawak to build a Tar College in Sarikei. For this issue, Chong said SUPP and Ding must apologize as they had mislead the people of Sarawak.

According to Chong, during the debate of the Tar College issue, Ding was absent from Parliament. He was seen no where in the Parliament.

I do not know whether Ding understood the issue well or he has totally missed out the point made by Chong. I was stunned by the statements from Ding where he explained the reasons why there is no Tar College up till now.

Let me quote what he said to ET: "if they (DAP) had not appealed, we would have been doing the college by now. But with the case hanging, we will not do it. Besides, it is a huge project and we need the government's support in this." "Now that the DAP lost in the petition against me, they still want to appeal. If I lost the appeal, I doubt the developer will want to build the Tar College," he said. " In the first place, if there is an appeal against the court judgment, it will be unfair to me if I am to star the college and then lost the appeal," he added.

It is obvious that Ding admitted that the promise to build Tar College in Bintagor remains empty promise. From what Ding had said, we can easily understand that it was only a political gimmick of SUPP when they said Ting Pek Kiing would help to build the college. A lie remains a lie.

Whether there is an appeal or not, whether Ding wins or loses in the appeal of the election petition case brought by Dr. Wong, Ding stood under the ticket of SUPP must build the college. The fact remains that he had won and served as MP since March, 2008. Regardless of the outcome of the appeal, the people in Sarikei had voted Ding and Ding is duty bound to build the college.

Ding, do not shift the attention away and blame DAP for everthing which you and your party SUPP cannot fulfil. Just answer to the people why you, Ting Pek Kiing and your party SUPP declared widely during the campaign time of the general election that there will be Tar College in Sarikei if you win despite no application made to the Ministry of Higher Education to build the college at the first place? Why SUPP dare to cheat the people of Sarikei by saying that there will be a Tar College built?