Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bizarre Statements by Ding Kuong Hing on Tar College

I cannot believe that statements made by a MP of Sarikei could be that bizzare.

This morning, what had caught my attention was a news in page 2 of today's Eastern Times with the heading "Chong a sore loser, says Ding".

As we all know, in the March 8th General Election this year, SUPP had made a big "huha" on the issue of "where there is Ding, there is Tar College" to fish for votes in the Sarikei Parliamentary Election. Ting Pek Kiing even made public statements that he will build the Tar College if Ding wins. As a result, due to the sweet empty promises of SUPP, DAP's candidate Dr. Wong Hua Seh lost by 51 votes to Ding in the last general election.

Despite the winning of Ding in Sarikei, there is still no Tar College built. It remains a lie of SUPP and its leaders!!

On the 3.12.2008, Chong, MP for Bandar Kuching received the clarification from Higher Education Minister in Parliament that there was never any application made from Sarawak to build a Tar College in Sarikei. For this issue, Chong said SUPP and Ding must apologize as they had mislead the people of Sarawak.

According to Chong, during the debate of the Tar College issue, Ding was absent from Parliament. He was seen no where in the Parliament.

I do not know whether Ding understood the issue well or he has totally missed out the point made by Chong. I was stunned by the statements from Ding where he explained the reasons why there is no Tar College up till now.

Let me quote what he said to ET: "if they (DAP) had not appealed, we would have been doing the college by now. But with the case hanging, we will not do it. Besides, it is a huge project and we need the government's support in this." "Now that the DAP lost in the petition against me, they still want to appeal. If I lost the appeal, I doubt the developer will want to build the Tar College," he said. " In the first place, if there is an appeal against the court judgment, it will be unfair to me if I am to star the college and then lost the appeal," he added.

It is obvious that Ding admitted that the promise to build Tar College in Bintagor remains empty promise. From what Ding had said, we can easily understand that it was only a political gimmick of SUPP when they said Ting Pek Kiing would help to build the college. A lie remains a lie.

Whether there is an appeal or not, whether Ding wins or loses in the appeal of the election petition case brought by Dr. Wong, Ding stood under the ticket of SUPP must build the college. The fact remains that he had won and served as MP since March, 2008. Regardless of the outcome of the appeal, the people in Sarikei had voted Ding and Ding is duty bound to build the college.

Ding, do not shift the attention away and blame DAP for everthing which you and your party SUPP cannot fulfil. Just answer to the people why you, Ting Pek Kiing and your party SUPP declared widely during the campaign time of the general election that there will be Tar College in Sarikei if you win despite no application made to the Ministry of Higher Education to build the college at the first place? Why SUPP dare to cheat the people of Sarikei by saying that there will be a Tar College built?

5 comments: said...

promise ppl of sarikei but never deliver , shame on u Ding ,
Sarikei voters time to wake up , come next ge should know wat to do ...........................boot them out........

Borneo Falcon said...

I passes by the site for the TAR college before and I was surprised with the location. It is virtually out of nowhere, in between paddy fields I should say.

jajijon said...

It is obvious that there is a chance that the appeal will succeed (if DAP finds out the archilles' heel). Otherwise, why is Ding so kiasee? Go find this weak point.

Chan said...

Shame Shame Shame to Sarikei MP Mr Ding.Its a lie from him and that it is very unfair for Dr Wong of DAP Sarikei to lose the 308 election!! Sarikei ppl..don be too TIAN ZHEN..Its time to wake up..

ROGER said...

I am indeed very sad with this developments. After a road linking Sarikei and Tg. Manis being constructed!!!! Sarikei folks are just too stupid to believe those promises. Bear in mind that TAR is belong to MCA....No MCA in Sarawak,,,where got TAR!!!!!!!

Sarikei people shall believe in somebody who can do the talk and NOT liar!!!Wake Up Wake Up Wake Up!!!