Friday, December 26, 2008

Homeless man who called Kuching Waterfront his home

About a week ago, a skiny man in his 60s, originally from Sibu came to the office. When I walked down the staircase to meet him on the first floor of our office, an instant greet from this man "YB, I need your help". With no hesitation, I invited him to the office conference room to hear out his problem.

The first statement from him (with tears in his eyes) was " Wui (my chinese name), if not of desperation I would not come to you." I was suprised that he called me using my chinese name. Usually, only those who knew me well would call me "Wui".

He told me during his employment, lodging was provided to him but ever since he stopped work as a construction worker months ago due to severe pain in his left arm, he had to call Kuching Waterfront his home. He slept on bare ground with no mattress, pillows and blanket.

He articulated to me how he attempted helps from those whom he could think of including the SUPP YBs in Sibu and Kuching. But to his disappointment, no sincere helps came from them. All he got from them were excuses and empty forms. He was told to fill the forms himself and submit up to the relevant authority. This was the so called help from SUPP guys. No mercy and care from them towards the less fortunate. All they say and do is about "Kantow... Kantow and Kantow"..

After getting all facts and information from him, I drove him personally to the Welfare Department, Kuching. I met up with the relevant officer and asked the welfare department to give this man a shelter.

I am pleased with the efficient service of the welfare department, Kuching in dealing with this specific matter. I was officially informed by the welfare department that they had given this man an "One Off" financial aid of RM60.00 as well as Travel Cost of RM52.00 to send this man back to Sibu.

This man had eventually decided that he does not wish to stay in the welfare home as he wants to be independant and find a job later to survive. In view of his condition, the Welfare Officer had also liased with the Welfare Department in Sibu to process the monthly welfare aid to be given to this man.

At least, I had shown guidance to this man so to able him to go on with his life.

For DAP, we serve with pride despite of race, religion, culture, poor or rich.

5 comments: said...

Well done YB ,

u had set a very good example by going the extra mile to help this 60 yr old man , driving him to the welfare dept & help lialise with the dept to fight for this man's welfare rights. kudos YB.

Thee so called caring BN parties in Sarawak , u have failed miserably to even render a simple help to this old man , give execuses & empty form for him to fill up & even ask the man to submit the form himself to the dept.

these G & T will only show their caring & thoughtfulness when election is round the corner , after the election they will 原形毕露.

To supp & other BN parties , u are really disgusting.....

folks come next election , its really high time to exercise our precious rights wisely & vote for a change .....dump the BN....for the sake of our future well being.....

Wong Ho Leng said...

Violet, you have done well. One little gesture will often induce a smile and bring hope.

thekebun said...

If he is able bodied and willing he can have a job with me. Cheers!

Passerby said...

Very touching but well done!!

Linus Linnaeus said...

Dear Violet.

I am a little dismayed that kuching city is undergoing such rapid changes that seemed to be unplanned and ungoverned properly.
Quite sad to see new buildings everywhere in place of nice green open areas that gives kuching it's charm...look at the deplorable state that saberkas, sarawak plaza and even satok and I wonder why people just seem to build biuld and build and if they do it for the money why the government keeps approve approve approve.

Sad Sarawakian here...

I blog at and just did a little film in kuching city at the sadly soon to be demolished batu lintang governement quarters...

come by if u free.