Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Aid Fund Must be Given to All Flood Victims

The Year of Golden Ox 2009 has so far brings plenty of rainfall to the State of Hornbill, whereby many low lying areas throughout the state were badly hit at least twice by serious flood. Though in Fengshui, water signifies fortune, this round it brings more sufferings than fortune to people of Sarawak.

Many flood victims suffered severe hardship and property losses as a result of the flood. The massive flood situation had caught the attention of our Deputy Prime Minsiter, Najib where he has to make special trip to Sarawak just to hand over RM2.9 million out from the Federal Compassionate Aid Fund to Sarawak state government for the flood victims. From the surface of the provision of such aid, it shows the caring side of Barisan Nasional Government. Public generally are happy about it. The flood victims are made to believe that each family is entitled to get the RM500.00 aid fund.

But hang on, do not be mislead by the BN Government. You got to understand the style of the BN Government. All these years, the BN Government has never be truthful in telling the public about their policy. By the time you really find time, sit down and pick up the phone to dial the relevant department, 9 out of 10 times, you will be deeply disappointed, there are either many qualifications to be fulfilled or disqualified because of certain conditions.

As for the case here, the policy for the flood victims to apply for the compassionate aid fund is one stark example. Whilst helping the flood victims at Kampung Desa Ria, squatters at Desa Wira Lorong 3, Batu Kawa, Kuching, to check with the relevant ministry respecting their application for the aid fund, I only learnt that only those flood victims putting up at evacuation centres are eligible to get RM500.00 from the government. For those flood victims who putting up at relatives or friends and those who were living in double-storey houses with the ground floor affected by flood water, sorry to say, no share of the aid fund.

I think is is really unfair that those flood victims other than putting up at evacuation centres are not eligfible for the aid. Why does the BN government want to "pick and choose"? Whether putting up at evacuation centres, staying at relatives' or friends' house or shifted to the 1st floor of their own houses as ground floor of their houses are affected by flood water, they are all flood victims, they all encountered common hardship which was the loss of properties and the hassle to clean up the mess after the floods. I believe, all flood victims deserves the aid. Further, the aid fund is only RM500.00, that alone is not sufficient to compensate the loss that the victims suferred. What more to say, BN government can afford to offer "hundreds even thousands million of money" to buy "Frog/Katak" to join them in Perak for power, but when it comes to giving money to the people, thousands of reasons/excuses are given to reject the people's call.

I am sympethetic towards the flood victims. I had written an appeal letter to the State Secretary Datuk Amar Wilson Baya Dandot requesting him to bring the matter up so that the aid would be distributed faily regardless of categories. I hope that our BN government could seriously look into this issue as it is their responsibility for doing so.

Kampung Desa Ria, squatters at Desa Wira Lorong 3, Batu Kawa, Kuching.

The lady told me that her house had been hit by severe flood at least 4 times.

During my visit to the flood victims of Kampung Desa Ria, squatters at Desa Wira Lorong 3, Batu Kawa, Kuching, they complaint to me that they had not been given a single sen of the aid fund

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wat the #$%^!^&*

flood victims who is at designated evacuation centre is entitled to the relief fund , those staying put at relatives home is not entitled to any monies & other benefits......real discrimination against all flood victims not entitled to the benefits......

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Keep up the good work!!!