Friday, January 22, 2010

Urban Pioneer at Jalan Peace Selatan

Everytime I walk to a squatter area, it makes me feel downhearted. In a rich state like Sarawak, there should not be people living in squatters. If the government of the day has done its job well in distributing the wealth of the State, there should not be any dirt poor people living below poverty line.

Whereas, in Penang, the Pakatan Rakyat government manages to eradicate the hardcore poor in the state within a year time since Pakatan Rakyat became the government. The things BN government cannot do it in 52 years, PR government did it in a year time.

Jalan Peace Selatan squatters of 200 families which falls under Pending constituency are still living in poor condition where there was no proper roads leading to their houses. The self-tar track road is anything to get by but the residents had been living in such condition for some, the past 40 years. Whatever they faced, they still tried to get by.

Water and electricity have been provided and I could not see why the government refuses to give them land titles by turning the area into a resettlement scheme.

I was there recently to hand out some cash for them to repair the roads themselves. We, DAP handed over a sum of RM3,100.00 to the residents’ representative Mr. Chang Fook Kui who said they would use the money to carry out urgent repair on the roads which are full with potholes.

I know RM3,100.00 may not be a lot to other people but for us DAP, we have to rely heavily on ourselves. If we were the government of the Day, we would do a lot more where money is concerned. With our own budget plan, we want all Sarawakian to enjoy what the State has to offer without corrupted practise and the rich getting richer while the poor gets poorer.

I do not want money to be an obstacle to help the people. Whatever I could, I tried my very best. That is why supporters should understand DAP’s constrain of lack of fund. That is why the voters should vote in Pakatan Rakyat to have a fair distribution of wealth for everyone and not the cronies of the Barisan Nasional leaders, of which one stark example is Naim Cendera Berhad and its group of companies.