Monday, September 12, 2011

I can buy PM a cup of tea if he is so desperate of having one

The visit of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s to the Palace of Justice, Tun Zaki Azmi who has since retired has indeed jeopardized the independence of the already ‘problematic’ judicial system.

Both Najib and Chief Justice, Zaki gave contradictory versions of why the visit transpired causing the people to doubt the judicial independence. The people already have a low opinion of the judicial system due various high profile cases which included Teoh Ban Hock, Lingam video clips and the ridiculous Anwar sodomy II cases.

I was not surprised that Najib praised the Judiciary for reducing the backlog of cases but Zaki said the PM was there to see how the allocation of RM130 million to his department was spend to upgrade court facilities and it was normal for the prime minister to see how the money was spent. So much for honesty!

I beg to differ. The two should sit down and compare notes and then tell the Malaysian who is telling the truth, Najib? Zaki? Why should a PM go and see how allocation of fund was spent. If that were the case, then the PM’s duty would be flying all over the country looking at projects to see how well the allocation of money were being spent. I think the PM should also have to travel to the interior Sarawak to see whether the government projects had spend the money wisely or ended up in some cronies’ pockets.

Zaki did not realize it that by stating that the PM was there to see the allocation of fund to the department, he was actually ‘demoting’ the PM to that of an auditor’s task.

The government has already in place, an Audit department which see to it that money allocated are spend wisely. In Zaki’s opinion of the PM, then I think that the Audit department should close shop and let PM run the show.

Zaki kept pointing out that if the Judicial department need funding, the PM can do it. Zaki should get the facts right, the money was not Najib personal savings to the department but the tax payer’s money.

Malaysian should realized that Judiciary independence is a universal value. This is to see that court rulings are done based on the laws, facts, evidences and wisdoms and not due to ‘unseen hands’ pulling the string of which way judgment should go.

Malaysia is already suffering from unfair practices of the Judicial system and in 1988, it undergone a judicial crisis when judges are appointed without going through Parliament. , it is time, Najib wisen up and stop committing more blunders that is so unbecoming of a Prime Minister.

If he is really that desperate for a cup of tea, I think I can afford to buy him a cuppa! And he can rest assured; I will not influence him to hand over the government to Pakatan Rakyat. We always fight a fair fight, not under table dealings or dirty tactics. And the tea would be ‘real’ free.