Wednesday, September 9, 2009

MBKS sits on fallen tree complaint

Almost a year ago, I wrote to the Kuching City South (MBKS) telling them of a few trees which were leaning towards the house of a Mr. Sim at 1106, Lorong 2 Chong Kiun Kong, urging the Council to chop down the trees before further damages could be done.

I had followed up by calling the Council’s Hotline and was given the excuse that the trees are on a private land.

I suggested to the council that due to the danger the trees might pose to Mr. Sim’s house and nearby residents, I asked them to chop the trees and the expenses be billed to the land owner.

Mr. Sim and his nearby neighbours had said that if the trees were to fall on their houses and cause damages, they would sue the council.

A week ago, I received a phone call from Mr. Sim who told me that a tree had fallen near his house, while those leaning trees appeared to be getting closer to his property. And this time, I called the Hotline again, urging for immediate help before anyone gets hurt.

This morning I took time to go to Mr. Sim’s house to take a look and was dismayed to find that nothing was done. The fallen trees, the shrubs and the debris covered part of the entrance leading to Mr. Sim’s house.

I can imagine the frustration Mr. Sim and his family is feeling. To make matters worst, the footpath at the side of his house has become inaccessible.

I am dismayed at the attitude of the council. Do they want to wait until another tree falls on someone? The council is a service orientated organization who should be looking into the welfare of the people. Complaints had been made not only once, but they choose to ignore the issue.

A year has passed. The pertinent question now is to wonder whether those trees and shrubs should be allowed to grow in front of their houses. Are Mr. Sim and his neighbours too insignificant for the authorities to help them? Whatever the reason, I hope the council would do something to clear the shrubs and debris. It is unfair for Mr. Sim and the others to live in such condition which creates an unsightly image right in front of their house.

Another point I wish to bring up here is that despite having written to the council, they never even have the courtesy to reply or raise the issue for discussion. I think it is time for the Council to move forward, and the working attitude among some its staffs have to be changed. They should be more efficient and friendly.

Friday, September 4, 2009

RM300 Million DUN Complex, But People's Questions Not Answered

I always believed that an elected State assembly person’s job is to see that the people’s woes and queries are attended to. I am very disappointed with the Barisan Nasional State Ministers and Assistant Ministers’ attitude in how they perceived and handled issues when posed to plights brought out by the people.

During the May, 2009 Dewan sitting, I submitted 7 questions on environment issues, land issues, floods, projects and others pertaining to the people’s problem. Till now I have not received any answers. This shortcoming is not to be endured by me but also by other DAP ADUN despite our Chairman insisting and requesting for the answers to be submitted by or on August 18 last month.

This showed the lackadaisical attitude of the BN State Ministers and Assistant Ministers’ attitude who are either sitting on the problems or not showing their concern.

The State government should be serious in tackling the people’s problems and by sitting or sweeping the matter under the carpet would not solve any problem. What is the use of having RM300 million DUN complex if people's problem not attended.

Disregarding and avoiding our questions is equivalent to the Barisan Nasional’s way of putting aside the people’s problems. It is almost five months already and here you are, we are still waiting for answers.

I hope the answers would be ready soonest. If they are not forthcoming within within two weeks, we would be forced to table a motion to deduct the Ministers and Assistant ministers pay by RM10.00 in the next sitting in November.

It is shameful that the salaries of these ministers are paid by tax payers’ money and all they do is to sit on the people’s problem without taking any effort trying to solve them. Put it blantly, "makan gaji buta". And obviously, "Malaysia Boleh"!