Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sarawak BN Took Away Land without Paying Due Compensation!

At times I think that the state government is better at doing the disappearing magic act than the famous David Copperfield. It is especially so when it comes to either NCR or land bought by owners which can disappear right under their nose overnight.

Take the case of Bohari Osman and his wife, Mordiah Eden. Both are retirees and worked hard all their lives. Mordiah had bought a land in 1989 meant as an investment for their golden years.

The 1.6 acre land at Kampung Empila, Lot 77, Block 6, Samarahan district cost her RM5000 then and it was a lot of money then. After renovating their house, they lost the quit rent booklet and decided to replace it.

The couple made a trip to Samrahan on April 9. All these years they had faithfully paid the quit rent so it was a shock for the couple when they realized that their land was nowhere in sight. Lot 77, Block 6 just disappeared in thin air.

The frustrated couple told the Land and Survey insisted on checking their land and to their amazement, it was a big drain and in place of Lot 77, there were two plot of land, Lot 333 and 334.

After coming to me for help, Borhan said he was extremely disappointed and frustrated that all these years despite paying their quit rent, the plot of land could just disappeared. They wanted the government to compensate them with another piece of land.

I will contact Land and Survey Samarahan to arrange a meeting with Borhan and Mordiah. I think the authority should be answerable to this. It is worst than a scam. The two had wanted to enjoy their retirement years and with some sort of security for their old age. Now the government had taken away that security.