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DUN Questions for November, 2009 Sitting

1. Bertanya Kepada YAB the Chief Minister and the Minister for Planning and Resource Management:-

On matter relating to lands gazetted under Section 47 at Bako/Sejingkat area in Kuching :-

(a) Does the State Government have any development plan for the lands gazetted under Section 47 at Bako/Sejingkat area in Kuching? If so,:-

(i) What are the development plans and the stages of implementation of the said plans as at 30.9.2009?

(ii) Please give details of the lands (i.e. lot number, block number and acreage) that have been affected by the said development plan(s) at Bako/Sejingkat area.

(iii) What is the amount of compensation that is likely to be paid out by the state government to the land owners as a result of the acquisition of lands in part (ii) above for the purpose of the said development?

(b) Given that:-

(i) there are still 397 parcels of land in Bako/Sejingkat area that have been subject to Section 47 Land Code (Chapter 81) 1958 since year 1974;

(ii) there is no Section 48 notice issued for the said 397 parcel of lands in Bako/Sejingkat area all these years;

(iii) the state government is always entitled to re-impose Section 47 notification should the government truly required the land(s) for public purposes as and when it needs it; and

(iv) for the natural justice and fairness to the landowners of the said 397 parcels of land in Bako/Sejingkat area;

Is the state government prepared to uplift the Section 47 Notice on all the said 397 parcels of land around Bako/Sejingkat pending any concrete decision respecting any potential development at Bako/Sejingkat area by the government?

(Written Answer)

2. Bertanya Kepada YB the Minister of Infrastructure:-

The ministry concerned had informed the August House on 2.8.2006 that Jabatan Kerja Raya is bidding for the federal funds under the 9MP to upgrade Jalan Setia Raja to a six-lane road. The round about near the Rajah Court Hotel will be upgraded to a traffic signal controlled junction. And also the section of Jalan Simen Raya near CMS Factory will also be improved as part of the bridge upgrading. However, there is still no sign of progress on sites respecting the aforementioned projects since its announcement three years ago. Please state:-

(i) Whether the projects abovementioned are still in plan?

(ii) If so, please furnish details as to the stages of implementation, the commencement dates, the contract sum involved and the estimated time of completion of each project abovementioned.

(iii) The causes of delay in commencing the abovementioned projects since its announcement of more than three years ago?

(iv) If the answer in part (i) above is in the negative, why?

(Written Answer)

3. Bertanya kepada YB Minister of Industrial Development -

On the matter relating to the proposal of building a permanent wholesale market at 6th Mile, Jalan Kuching/Serian, in the answer supplied to my question no. 3 raised in the last May, 2009 sitting, it was stated that the Majlis Perbandaran Padawan had submitted the proposal and that it was a private driven project. Please state:

(a) When and where did Majlis Perbandaran Padawan submit the proposal to?

(b) Whether the said proposal has been approved by the relevant authority? If so, when? If not, why?

(c) Why the state government who claimed to be caring to its people does not take up the initiative and responsibility to provide the basic facility to the wholesalers in Kuching by building a permanent shelter but instead leave it to the private sector to take up the project?

(Written Answer)

4. Bertanya kepada YAB the Chief Minister and the Minister for Planning and Resource Management:-

In replying to my question No. (6) raised in November, 2008 sitting, the relevant ministry in its written answer informed that from year 2002 until 27.10.2008, a total of 80,933 hectares of state land in Sarawak have been directly alienated to private companies. In respect thereto, please list out in table form of each alienation with details of company names, particulars of state land with lot number and acreage, the purpose of development etc. and the premium paid for.

(Written Answer)

5. Bertanya kepada YB Minister of Environment and Public Health:

On matter relating to policlinic:

(a) For years, Tanah Puteh Policlinic, Kuching is facing a major problem of frequent power trips of at least 10 times per day due undersupply of electricity power in the said clinic. Please state:-

(i) Whether the ministry is taking the necessary steps to upgrade the existing electricity power to “three phased power”?

(ii) If so, please furnish details as to when can the upgrading works be carried out, the cost involved and the time frame to have the problem fully resolved.

(iii) In the answer in part (i) is in the negative, why so?

(b) In view that the Tanah Puteh Policlinic always overcrowded with average of 400 patients daily with patients come as far as Petra Jaya and that there are only 2 doctors on duty per day to cope with the numbers:-

(i) Whether the government has plan to build more and better polyclinics in the vicinity of Bandar Kuching and or Petra Jaya constituencies to meet the needs of the growing population and improving health care for the people?

(ii) If so, what is the plan? Please furnish details including the location, size of the policlinics and/or hospitals as well as the commencement date of the project and the estimated time of completion of the project.

(iii) If not, why?

(Written Answer)

6. Bertanya kepada YAB the Chief Minister and Minister of Planning and Resource Management:-

On matter relating to the compassionate aid fund for the flood victims, the Resident office, Kuching had via its letters dated 3.8.2009 (Ref: RBK/M.37Jld.22) and 12.8.2009 (87)RBK/M.37 Jld.22) respectively informed that the names of the flood victims from Bintawa Fishing Village, Lorong 1 Bintawa Fishing Village and Kampung Kudei had been entered in their registry and also forwarded to the higher authority for consideration and approval, please state

(a) Which higher authority is processing the application?

(b) Whether the approval has been granted? If so, what is the amount approved per household and when can the money be given out to the flood victims?

(c) If not, why the delay?

(Oral Answer)

7. Bertanya kepada YAB the Chief Minister :-

As reported in the Borneo Post dated 1.8.209, the Director of MACC Sarawak has mentioned in a forum that between 2004 and 2009, MACC Sarawak had received the following corruption complaints against the respective councils/District Office:


Name of the Council/District Office

Number of Complaints Received


Dewan Bandaraya Kuching Utara



Bau District Office



Majlis Perbandaran Padawan



Majlis Bandaraya Kuching Selatan



Sri Aman District Council



Lubok Antu District Council



Saratok District Council



Betong District Council



Lundu District Council



Serian District Council



Samarahan District Council



Simunjan District Council


(a) What is the status of investigation and action taken by MACC sarawak against the abovementioned corruption complaints received against the respective councils/District Offices? Please provide detailed status report against each complaint received including names of the officers being investigated, the complained act of corrupt practices by the relevant officers, the date of investigation being carried out etc.

(b) Whether charges have been proffered against the relevant officers under the law?

(Written Answer)

8. Bertanya kepada YAB the Chief Minister:-

On 1.7.2008, Press Metal Berhad (“PMS”) had executed a Power Purchase Agreement with Syarikat SESCO in connection to the power supply of 600 MW for PMS’s Mukah Smelting Plant by 2010.

(a) Whether the state government is prepared to reveal the terms and conditions respecting the Power Purchase Agreement between Syarikat SESCO and PMS? If so, when can the copy of the Power Purchase Agreement be extended to all the Honourable Members of the August House? If not, why?

(b) What is the years of term and the unit rate charged per MW by Syarikat SESCO for the supply of power to PMS under the Power Purchase Agreement ?

(c) What is the amount of profit earned and/or loss suffered by Syarikat SESCO annually from the supply of power to PMS?

(Written Answer)

9. Bertanya kepada YAB the Chief Minister and the Minister for Planning and Resource Management:-

On matter relating to development projects:-

(a) What developments and/or upgrading projects including private sector driven projects of all forms be it buildings, complexes, roads, bridges etc have been approved and carried out in the constituencies of Padungan (N.9), Pending (N.10), Batu Lintang(N.11), Kota Sentosa (N.12) and Batu Kawa (N. 13) for the years of 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011?

Please state the answer in table form of each project under respective constituency with full details of name of projects, commencement date, completion date, contract sum, stages of implementation, developers’ name, contractors’ name, indicates every projects whether it is federal, state or private sector drive projects etc.

(b) What are the total amount of the state and federal allocations for development carried out or intended to be carried out in each of the constituencies of Padungan (N.9), Pending (N.10), Batu Lintang(N.11), Kota Sentosa (N.12) and Batu Kawa (N. 13) for the years of 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011?

(Written Answer)

10. Bertanya kepada YB the Minister of Infrastructure:-

A collapsed jetty behind the Land and Survey Store at Jalan Simen, Pending and “Maimuna” shipwreck embedded in nipah swamp have partially narrowed a section of Sungai Apong and thus causing great obstruction to the fishing trawlers using the said river:-

(a) When will the Land and Survey Sarawak start removing the collapsed jetty as what has been told in the August House by the ministry concerned in May, 2009 sitting?

(b) What is the cause of delay for Land & Survey Sarawak to take its own sweet time for carrying out the necessary steps to remove the said obstacle?

(c) Whether the discussion between Sarawak River Board and the Department of Museum Sarawak which was supposed to be held in June, 2009 had been materialized respecting the salvage of the shipwreck? If so, what was the outcome of the discussion?

(Oral Answer)

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