Monday, August 15, 2011

Two sets of Policy governing the Setting Up of Giant Billboard

The State Secretary and the Kuching City South (MBKS) decision to remain silent over a giant billboard set up near a housing estate at Taman Stutong Indah is not helping matters and if they think the matter will die a natural death, then they are very wrong.]

Now I want to know why a giant billboard was set up in a housing area in Taman Stutong Indah when Sarawak State Secretary Office claimed that there is no such policy to build giant billboard.

A shop owner had also wanted such a billboard for his commercial area at 4 ½ Mile and had gone to apply for it with Padawan council.

However, the same shop owner was told to go to the State Secretary office to apply for permit but when he went there on August 1, he was told by a staff, there was no such permit for a huge billboard. So why is there a double standard?

Last month, the residents at Taman Stutong Indah had complained that the billboard with “Giant” signage was too huge and placed too near at the back of their houses. With strong winds experienced at every year end, the residents live in fear of the giant billboard collapsing onto their houses.

The residents launched a protest and I have personally contacted the MBKS and a staff told me that the permit of such billboard was the prerogative of the State Secretary office.

I wrote to both the MBKS Mayor and the State Secretary seeking answers but since last month, both the two departments kept very silent on the matter. I learned that the corporation was connected to someone very senior in the BN. The public has a right to know why are there two sets of policy where one applies to BN crony company and the other for ordinary lay person?

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