Monday, August 15, 2011

Job is waiting for Dr. Sim in Penang

After the State election result was announced, my opponent, Dr. Sim Kui Hian had told the press that he is now jobless and has no proper income.

A lot of people, me included, was sad after Dr. Sim who was world known as a cardiologist quit his job as the Head of Cardiac in SIMC to contest against me in the Pending constituency. The Sarawakian has lost a good doctor in a government hospital, this the people felt bad as most wanted him to stay to save the lives of the people.

But we let the water flow under the bridge and look forward to better things in the future. I remembered our comrade Penang CM, YAB Lim Guan Eng had announced in the press that he would welcome Dr. Sim in his state in the event Sarawak does not gives him job.

Dr. Sim, self claimed jobless, said there was no concrete offer from Penang State Government.

On Wednesday 10.8.2011, Penang CM has couriered a letter to me authorize me to liaise with Dr. Sim respecting the offer of a specialist post in Penang. The letter stated that the Penang State government in its quest to build, retain and attract human talent is willing to engage talents whenever they may be without discrimination based on race, religion or even political background.

I had handed over my letter to Dr. Sim through SUPP office last Friday and welcome Dr. Sim to pass me his resume. In the event, Dr. Sim wishes to meet Penang CM directly to discuss the job offer, I am most willing to arrange for a meeting to be held.

In my view this will solve Dr. Sim's unemployment status and allow him to do an honourable job of saving people lives.

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