Wednesday, August 24, 2011

True Colours of Dr. Sim

There are thousands of people in Malaysia who are jobless, genuine jobless people who would search high and low just to get a job.

I always feel sorry for the jobless as their future is uncertain and many have housing or car loans to service and a family to provide for.

When Dr. Sim Kui Hian, a self-claimed jobless man was offered a job by Penang Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng, it surprised many that he turned down the job offer without even an attempt to find out what the offer was all about.

It just shows one thing about Dr. Sim. He is not hard-up for a job or interested to get a job. He is definitely not your average Joe who has house or car loans or debts pilling up, or worrying when the next meal will be.

On April 27, May 11 and June 27, Dr. Sim told the press three times that he is jobless when reporters approached him. After he made the statement the first two times, YAB Lim Guan Eng decided to make an offer to him to work in Penang, out of goodwill in the event Sarawak Government does not offer him a gainful job.

It was on August 10 that I got a letter from Lim asking me to convey to Dr. Sim that a specialist position in Penang is offered to him and I am authorized by Penang State Government to liaise with Dr. Sim respecting the job offer. How many people get a direct offer from the Penang CM?

After I wrote him a letter and passed it through SUPP headquarters on 12.8.2011, I was also taken aback that he made the statement of not wanting the job as he did not know what the offer was or the deal is all about. It is natural for a jobless man to contact your potential employer and hand over your CV and wait anxiously for a reply.

From the way Dr. Sim acted and said in the press, he is definitely not looking for a job. Instead, he is looking for public sympathy after losing in the election. A person without a job and having no steady income (to quote him) would have jumped at an offer by a Chief Minister and handed over his personal data instead of making all sorts of complaints and insincere statements criticizing Penang State Government and DAP.

Whatever it is, I will convey the message to the Penang CM that Dr. Sim is not interested in his job offer.

Definitely, a frank and jobless guy will not act and say what Dr. Sim had acted and said. We now see the True Colours of Dr. Sim.

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