Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Batang Ai By Election

To ensure PKR's victory in Batang Ai by election, a group of over 100 DAP Sarawak boys and girls made our trip to Lubok Antu on nomination day to give our biggest support.

As I see it, the coming Batang Ai by election on 7.4.2009 is not an ordinary by-election. This by-election will be the 1st election after Sarawak State Election 2006 and also the 8th March 2008 general election tsunami. It will be an election that determines the future of Sarawak. The result of this by election would be seen as a yardstick whether CHANGE in the state government will happen in 10th Sarawak state election.

The crave for change can be strongly felt during my trip in LA over the weekend. If the Dayak community can break through the BN curses this round, a new chapter of Sarawak polictics shall begin whereby the people's spell successfully dispel "Pek Mo's" black magic that has brought sufferings and disasters to the Sarawak people all these years under his leadership.

I have faith in Batang Ai voters and believe that the people there will perform miracle and write history in this coming by election. Batang Ai voters must understand that the people's fate lies in their hands.

Please vote wisely. Remember to take the BN money and vote for PKR candidate Jawah Gerang! Do not feel guilty in taking the BN money, that is people's money anyway!!

Dayak Arise, make the change!

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o.plus said...

yeah definitely we need a change & its a long over due changes tat we need.....go go go take & accept watever goodies BN is giving to Batang Ai voters & vote for PKR man...........