Thursday, April 2, 2009

Flood Victims lodge police report

Source: Date: 1.4.2009

Yong and the flood victims

Sixteen families from Batu Kawa resettlement crowded at the Simpang Tiga police station one-stop centre to lodge police report which they claimed they were cheated by empty promises from Deputy Prime Miniter, Datuk Sri Najib Tun Razak who had announced flood Relief Aid on February 12 to them.

Led by DAP State Assemblywoman for Pending, Violet Yong, the group waited for three hours for the 16 reports to be made. The reports was made slow as only one of the three computers were working.

Yong told reporters that the names of the victims had been submitted to the community leaders and the group even went to the Welfare office on Monday to enquire about the Aid but was told that there was no money.

They then proceed to Yong’s office yesterday morning seeking for help. Yong said the victim houses were flooded twice on January 12 and 29th.

She said Najib had made the announcement that Flood Aid Relief for each family between RM500 and RM300 would be handed out. “The weather is scorching hot now and the flood had been long past but there is no sign of any money coming in. Is this another of BN empty promises,” she asked.

Saying that if the money were not paid to the families, Yong said she would voice it out in the next dewan sitting. She said it was unreasonable and unfair for some families to get the money and some not to have any at all.

At the meantime, Yong said she will write to the relevant authority to find out the reason why the money was not given out to the victims who had suffered like the rest.

Due to such empty promises, that was why the voters punished the government by voting them out. “Enough is enough,” she added.


komando said...

The rakyat can drown even now....wait for next elections the money will come in lorry loads, all problems will be looked into...assured getting it done after elections they have ERECTIONS!

DatoSeri said...

DAP and PKR need to work hand in hand to get close to the people and educate them of their basic rights to information (not only the TV1/2/3/Utusan stuff), democracy (no fear in voting against any government), be a citizen (fair treament without biases in ehtnic classifications).

There is much work to be done and must begin now to lay the foundation for GE13.

People in East Malaysia has been blinded from how the federal government administrating the country (for the interest of the rich & powerful) and BN would dump goodies every time elections come to con voters.

"Together we can bring back democracy!" said...

-DAP & PKR candidates had contested in the same constituency hence splitting up votes. Therefore voters are confused as there are now 3 candidates to choose. (BN-PKR-DAP)

-DAP & PKR had some squabbling , so how to work hand in hand ?

-recent concluded Batang Ai by-election had shown BN is still being supported.

-DSAI of PR offered 20% oil royalty to East Malaysia if it manage to wins , PR had not explained how this 20% going to be spent , how & in wat manner will it benefit all East Malaysians as a whole ?

-other than 20% oil royalty , wat other benefits could he offer to East Malaysians ?

-If we look at Sabah , part of reason why sabahans do not want to vote for opposition is because PKR's recruits , majority are former BN men , don't they have other gd & better quality candidates to offer sabahans ?