Friday, April 17, 2009

My Unpleasant stay at Tune Hotel KL and LCCT Airport

After hearing much of Tune Hotel, I booked two nights stay at Tune Hotel KL and LCCT Airport during my trips to KL last week.

Room Rate:

You may notice at every Tune Hotel around Malaysia, a big advertisement board "RM9.90 per night" for 5 stars accomodation is placed at the entrance of the hotel. I was however, not sure whether I was just unlucky enough to get the so called special rate of "RM9.90"per night. Anyway, I paid RM112.24 per night for Tune Hotel KL and RM85.11 for Tune LCCT Airport. When my friends learned about the room rates that I had booked, many of them were of the opinion that the room rate is on the high side.

I was only later told by the Tune Hotel Staff that actually the RM9.90 per night rate only comes available March,2010. Have I been cheated?

Check In Time:

I spent my first night at Tune Hotel KL. When I arrived around 1.30 p.m. at Tune Hotel KL, I thought I could just check in and get relax in the room. Yet, I was told by the hotel staff that check in time is 2 p.m. There was nothing much I could do. So, I sat down at the lobby and wait until 2 p.m. for check in. As the clock ticked 2 p.m., queues were seen lining up for rooms check in. When the counter staff handed the room key, you will be asked to pay RM5 for each room key deposit and get reminded that the check out time is 10 a.m. the next day. That is two hours earlier than the usual hotel check out time.

Room Cleanliness:

After entering the room and switching on the room lights, I made a room tour. To my disappointment, the room was not properly cleaned. Ants are found around the wall edge and the basin area inside the toilet cum bathroom.

I noticed that the wall edge is full of dust too. Not only that, long hairs were also seen here and there. It is obvious the cleanliness of the hotel room needs improvement.

As for my stay at Tune Hotel LCCT Airport, I expect cleaner room since it was just declared open last month. For a less than a month hotel, one would expect everything in better condition.

Room Size:

The room size in Tune Hotel LCCT Airport is however much smaller when compares to the room size at Tune Hotel KL. I would think that if one brings along a big luggage, unless the big luggage is placed on the bed, it would not be possible to open it if it is placed on the floor. The walk space is big enough for one person. If two persons stay in the room, either one will have to give way. If one is above 100kgs and above, he or she may find it difficult to move around.

Room Cleanliness:

When I entered the toilet/cum bathroom, I found that the basin and the toilet bowl were not properly cleaned whereby yellow stains could still be seen. Especially the toilet bowl, it was too awful. I know that Tune Hotel management has been trying every means to save cost. But, I hope that the management would not be so stingy when it comes to provide toilet paper. In the room that I stayed, the toilet paper roll only left a bit after the previous room user. Luckily, I brought along one big roll with me just in case I need it. I think the house keeping staffs need to improve their services. For the toilet paper roll, if the left over toilet roll is almost finished, please provide an extra toilet paper roll too. Mind you, there is no intercom inside the room to request for house keeping service.

In view that the check out time is 10 a.m. the next morning, I therefore set my alarm clock at 8.45 a.m. to wake me up the night before I sleep.

Wake Up Call:

Unexpectedly, as early as 8 a.m. the next morning, I was awaked by the loud "Backstreet Boys" songs outside the room. At first, I thought it was some inconsiderate person from other room playing the loud music. As the clock ticks, the music gets louder. The loud music really annoyed me. I could not continue my sleep. So, I woke up and got ready for checking out.

After packing up and waiting for time to pass, I opened the room door trying to find out where the music comes from. I was extremely shocked that the music actually comes from the speakers that are placed along the corridor. I asked myself, has the hotel staff gone crazy? Don't they know that they are still guests in the rooms who try to get more rest? I was very mad at that moment. I could not understand why they did that to the guests by playing loud music at the early hour of the day.

When I approached the check out counter, I informed the staff that the music was too loud and requested them to turn down the volume. Guess what? The staff answered me that "the loud music was supposed to serve as morning call and we purposely turned the volume high". She even answered me, "you know that check out time is 10 a.m. " I was speechless when I heard her saying that. In my mind, I was thinking, not everyone is checking out that morning. I believe, there sure to be someone who may stay for few days in the hotel and still trying to get more sleep. I believe Tune Hotel Management has obviously intruded peoples' privacy.

Lobby Sofas:

After checking out and receiving my refund of RM5 deposit for the room key, I tried to take a sit at the lobby sofa. I could not believe what I saw. The sofas in the lobby area were stained with many flies. From far, it looks like sultanas being scattered on the sofas. That was the first time in my life seeing such scene. I did not dare to place my butt on it.

Why are there so many flies on the sofa, I asked the counter staff? She answered, "because outside is wet". Do you believe what she said? To me, either the sofas are dirty or smelly that attracts the flies. Furthermore, I also noticed that the lobby floors were very dirty too!

Stay Experience:

My stay experience at Tune Hotel is "unfriendly service, dirty and very small room space". Of course, I meet my friends "Ants" at Tune Hotel KL and "Flies" at Tune Hotel LCCT Airport.

Would you rate Tune Hotel 5 stars?


William said...

I share your view on this.

hy said...

suggest you write to Datuk Tony.

Wong Ho Leng said...

I don't mind telling Tony that I would rather sleep at the bus stop than in his hotel. What an awful experience I had at Tune Hotel (What??? Hotel?).

Look, I came from a poor family. I had slept in pig sty before. That was when I was young. When I became more knowledgeable, I checked in to Tune Hotel. Once, and that was enough. I checked out past mid-night! I slept in CCJ's sofa!

YIAO RUEN said...

Paid RM100++ giving you such a service, i consider is not cheap. I can randomly find a 3 star hotel in Kl with RM85-RM100. With Tv,Phone,Hot water Shower & more.
Tune using the low-cost flat and modified it as a "cheap hotel".

For those travellers who have to stay a night to take their fly to other destination at KLIA or LCCT.
Tune Hotel will be a better choice,take cab or bus outside airport will spend you RM9-RM100 plus travelling time & hotel rate outside airport will be more expensive. Next day has to rush back to airport will make you crazy.-_-

Tan said...

I want to make a complaint about your staff in KL, Mr. Faizal who answered my call around 3.30 p.m. today. I called to confirmed if a guest of yours have checked in to your hotel last night. I have an appointment with your guest this evening in KL.

Because your guest did not response to my sms and calls, I just want to make sure that he is safely checked in your hotel last night so that I can make my trip to KL. It could be due to unknown circumstances that he may not able to answer my sms or calls (like he met an accident could be hospitalized).

Just a simple tab on the computer and letting me know that he has checked in, was it difficult to ask? Your staff, Mr. Faizal keeps telling me that he cannot review private information! I am not requesting his personal details! Just confirm if he arrive yesterday from Sabah! That's all!

Your staff is rude and very unprofessional! If your staff cannot help in whatsoever matter when someone calls from the public, then no point to have a phone in your hotel!