Saturday, March 7, 2009

SUPP Sentosa copycat opposition, DAP

Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) Sentosa branch and the BDC community committee had now resorted to play the role of the opposition as what was portrayed in a Chinese paper on March 4.

DAP Pending State Assemblywoman, Violet Yong said it was pathetic to see the two group holding banners opposing the setting up of telecommunication tower in Stampin Resettlement scheme.

“I am amazed at their tactic as they (SUPP) is part of the BN component party and instead of holding meetings to discuss such issues, they have resorted to use banners to get their message forward which they always condemn the opposition of doing,” said Yong.

An amused Yong said SUPP Sentosa should know that such telecommunication issue was under SACOFA and state government.

“SUPP Sentosa should whisper to their leaders why they agreed to such policy in the first place. As they are in the BN, they should have a platform to voice their disagreement before endorsing everything proposed,” she said.

This, she added, showed that SUPP is losing grip in the BN and has no say in whatever decision was made.

She also lamented that the SACOFA should meet with the residents in areas where they wanted to set up their towers. “It seems that each time, they bulldozed their way in without explaining to meeting the people there,” she added.

Yong said despite no scientific proof of damages or side effect caused to resident staying near such towers, she pointed out that it was better to be safe than sorry.

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