Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy International Women Day, Violet

All parties should work together to ensure that women were not neglected by society in time of suffering especially those in domestic violence and living in a poverty state, said DAP State Assemblywoman for Pending.

Yong said today’s women contributed vastly towards nation building in all forms besides having to bear the burden of being a wife and a mother. They should be appreciated and recognized for their hard work and suffering.

In conjunction with International Woman’s Day on Sunday, Yong make it a point to show her appreciation by giving each a stalk of rose to all women she met at the Stutong market.

Speaking to reporters earlier, she expressed concern about the escalating divorce rate in the country and the high percentage of men who default in their maintenance payment. Yong revealed that 60% of men defaulted in payment to their ex-spouses causing more suffering and anguish.

“It is known that most of the custody of children went to the mothers and having to work besides taking care of their children the best it was an extra burden to them. Besides, with men who refused to pay up, the women would be at their mercy when they were deprived of their rights,” she pointed out.

Yong hoped that an independent body under the government would be set up to ensure that the women were paid accordingly. She said she had gathered a number of laws from various countries which would be efficient to make the men paid. Besides using Immigration laws, Road Transport and income of the ex-husbands to pay up, she lauded the other agencies for ensuring that the men paid on time and in full.

“Like in Canada, even the men could be trace through their driving licence which could be impounded if they refused to pay,” she gave a suggestion. Divorce cases are escalating and something should be done now to avoid more pain and confusing for women in the future.

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