Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Chong's house got thrown with Molotov Cocktails

My peaceful drive to work this morning was shattered by a call from one of my comrades, MP Chong Chieng Jen, who told me that Molotov cocktails were thrown at his house at Central Road.

Risking a speeding ticket from the neighbourhood friendly policeman, I drove at neck breaking speed and finally arrived in one piece at Chong’s house at 7.55 am. The police were already there, and I feared for the worst. After a while though, I found that the men in blue did not do anything which appeared constructive to me, but instead only asked Chong to lodge a report at One Stop Police Station, Simpang Tiga.

Going round the house compound, I noticed a burned potted plant near the entrance door and splash of what smells like kerosene splattered on the floor, which was littered with broken glass. There was also two broken bottles near the window and door on the other side of the house. It looks like the perpetrators who used the Molotov cocktail were planning on imposing maximum damage as the other bottle appeared to be aimed at the other side of the door. I am relief that no one was hurt in the melee.

I am sad and angry of the whole incident if, suspicious as it appears, the dastardly act was perpetrated by a political rival. To resort to such tactics is just like hitting below the belt and this is the first time it has happened to a Sarawak DAP politician.

If indeed it was the SUPP, our arch political rival, going to such extend, I am sorry to think that they had to stoop so low and take such desperate measures.

As a politician, I believe that all our “fighting” are to be done in a gentleman way. We are supposed to fight for the rights of the people who elected us in the first place.

If it is true that this dastardly action has been originated and planned by our political rivals, then let the people decide who they want at the ballot boxes in the next election.

I hope that the SUPP would be gentlemen enough to do things through legal means and avoid such unwanted actions. Instead they should concentrate on trying to serve the people by improving their lives. That way, they would still have voters on their side.

I also called on the police to improve the security in the state. If the police have been doing what they were supposed to and take action in fighting crimes, such tactics would not be used to intimidate politicians.

Trying to burn down a politician’s house is really the lowest of the low tactic to be considered.

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