Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Where is the Pedestrian Overhead Bridge?

This morning, I went down with a young woman to view a traffic light junction at Mile 3 (in front of Sunny Hill School) who has lost her father on May 23 this year in a fatal accident.

The girl is still in mourning when she told me the story of her father being knocked down by a high speed Proton Waja as she was very close with her father. Stating her father’s death as senseless, she believed that if the overhead bridge was reconstruct back after the flyover was done, her father would still be with her today.

I learned that two deaths had occurred there. And there was a recent accident where a pedestrian was badly hurt. Doesn’t the authority think that it was time to do something about it or they want more death to occur there?

It takes a lot of courage to go back to the site where her father lay dead after a car crashed into him when he was crossing the road in the early morning to have breakfast with friends. It was the old man’s favourite habit in the morning.

The residents staying nearby Sunny Hill school ever went to see a SUPP leader to request that something should be done to improve the condition, the SUPP leader said there was already a pedestrian walk and that there was not much the party can do. What sort of person would say that? SUPP leaders are very good at playing "TAI CHI" when confronting with people's problems.

I get so upset when inefficiency or the cries of help went unheard by politicians in Barisan Nasional. Yes, there was an overhead bridge before the third mile flyover was built. Where is the overhead bridge after the flyover was done?

A faded pedestrian walk with a short timing was placed in front of the traffic light junction. Imagine an old man trying to run across the pedestrian walk at the busy road junction. Many of the times, the vehicles that travel from Batu Kawa towards Kuching direction drive in a very high speed. Speed breakers should be placed to tackle the problem.

The authority must not forget that there is a vast housing area behind the Sunny Hill School and almost everyone used the junction to cross the road to go to the market on the other side. The parking is always full there and residents tend to park their vehicles at homes and prefer to walk across the road.

I am writing this in the hope that the relevant authority would do something positive before more lives are lost.


Jennifer said...

thank you Violet Yong for escalating this matter. This is a concerned YB.

The actual YB in-charge for Padawan including 3rd Mile, Mr Tan Joo Pooi, step aside! You have not stepped up to the mark to discharge the duties entrusted to you - i.e. to safeguard the welfare of the residents in 3rd mile. What about Dato Alfred Yap? Do you not live in the area and are you so ignorant of the concerns with traffic in 3rd mile for you not to bother?

Mr Tan and Alfred Yap - Do something before you again contribute to the destruction of many more lives!

3rd mile disgusted resident!

Gaharuman said...

YB Violet,

How do i contact you? Where is your office?

Violet Yong said...


My contact number is 082-243742. My office is located opposite Kuching Hilton Hotel's main entrance.


Mcmercedez said...

The death of my father-in-law was tragic. Its a fact that no one can accept and this should not have happened in the first place.

Its logical for a person to know the importance of overhead bridge and I believe its also a campaign that they always shout about by telling people to use overhead bridge. In this case, where's the overhead bridge that they have demolished? The stretch of road in 3rd mile is a very long straight and people tend to travel in high speed. Its clearly shown that they have chosen to sacrifice human lives over the development. This is just sad.

I was disgusted by all the empty promises that our government had made and every year there are allocation of budget on road improvements. But at the end, what have they done?

I have no more hope for them.

sadnesspart2008 said...

good morning miss yong

how are you well it is real damn piss off to see my friend father pass away the girl in the foto is my class mate from smkbl

we study in smlbl for a long time

any where can said yb are sleeping in the drain for the 3 mile the yb should go and see my friend family to show concern but the church people from tmc from jalan elis road came 1

oh man miss violet.

i here bad news for the coming month prize of petrol going up bn people are too much never think and use here head

i hope dap well help the family of 3mile and help the rakyat when the petrol go up

last i hate bn people