Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sales Tax Collected from Lottery Tickets

Most of us only know that there is a 10% tax imposed when purchasing lottery tickets but as to how much sales tax had been collected by the Sarawak State government over the years, it remains a "BIG" questionmark.

We, as Sarawakian cum taxpayers, have the right to demand for the answer.

I asked the Chief Minister of Sarawak cum Minister of Finance in the State Assembly on how much sales tax had been collected by the State Government from lottery tickets for the respective years of 2000 until 2006. And here I have the answer for you:

Year 2000 is RM37,444,173.05
Year 2001 is RM38,425,759.40
Year 2002 is RM39,783,929.25
Year 2003 is RM42,740,097.00
Year 2004 is RM78,154,187.30
Year 2005 is RM94,352,199.80
Year 2006 is RM85,887,379.00 (Unaudited)

Total: RM416,787,724.80

I believe many of you share the same sentiment as me i.e. Where has all the money gone? Has it been settled down in the pockets of the " Sarawak White Shark" and its cronies?

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