Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hunting for suitable sites to build Multisport Court

Late yesterday afternoon, I received a fax dated 25.4.2008 from Pejabat Belia Dan Sukan (Bahagian Kuching) addressed personally to me informing that the Ministry of Youth and Sports intend to build two (2) Multisport Court in every State Constituentcy.

Frankly speaking, it is very rare for us as opposition representatives to receive such kind of letter. I was rather excited when I read the first two paragraphs of the letter.

I understand that be it Basketball, volleyball, floor hockey. Badminton, pickle-ball, soft, paddle or action tennis can all be played on a Multisport court.

I was asked to identify few suitable sites either within a housing estate or kampung under my constituentcy i.e. Pending N.10 to the ministry for their consideration and approval. The letter also mentioned that consideration shall be first given to those areas which do not yet have any sports facilities. Other than that, existing sports grounds which require any upgrading works to be done can also be submitted to the said ministry for consideration.

There are some guildlines to follow:-

First, the site should be a state land where it does not involve any acquisition process;

Secondly, the area should measure at least the size of a tennis court or about 5000 square feet;

Thirdly, the site should not require much earth filling works to be done.

While reading the 3rd paragraph of the letter, I was rather annoyed. I was asked to send my proposals (if any) to the department before 29th April, 2008, which is today. I am not a superwoman. I do not think anyone could do it too within a day where much information and feedback need to be collected from the grounds to identity a suitable location before submission.

As I do not want my consituents to miss out this opportunity just because dead line cannot be met, I had immediately after finished reading the letter, called up the said office to ask for extension of time to submit my proposal.

I hope that if anyone of you do come across a particular site within your housing estate which in your view is suitable to build a Multisport Court, please feel free to let me know.


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You are using the photo without accredicting its source. The photo is modified of a photo from http://www.advancedsporting.com.au/.