Friday, March 23, 2012

Unfair Taxi Coupon Payment System

Three taxi drivers came to see me after they were being treated unfairly by the Airport taxi coupon service counter management.

For every passenger they ferried, a taxi driver earned RM26 and that has to be shared with the Airport service counter which took a cut of RM3 after they give the coupon back to the counter in exchange for cash.

Boon Sin Choo was very upset when he came to see me.

He gave 4 coupons to the service counter but not only did he fail to get his money but his coupons were confiscated by the management with the reason that he had tried to reimburse his money after the 14 days period.

The taxi drivers had a year ago been asked to get their cash in exchange for coupons within 14 days from 7.30 am to 5 pm.

Boon also informed that most of time taxi drivers would not be able to exchange cash at once with their coupons. The taxi drivers would have to made several trips before they can get full payment of the money. There is no reason for the management to tell the taxi drivers that there is insufficient cash to pay them when in actual fact all the cash was already received by the management from the sales of the coupons.

It is grossly unfair and unreasonable that taxi drivers had to get their cash within 14 days, failing which all hard earn money of the taxi drivers will be forfeited by the management. Such act is worst than day light robbery!

I am writing in to the Malaysia Airport Holdings to find out why such policies were imposed on taxi drivers and why they were given such a raw deal in so many ways.

To be a taxi driver is already hard and to treat them in such a manner is depressing for them. Afterall, the money was already paid by the passengers in the first place but when it comes to them, there was never enough to pay them.

I hope the authority would do something about it instead of trying to milk out the taxi drivers hard earned cash. Is Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad aware that the counter has imposed such an unfair system? Who has authorised the counter to counter to collect the RM3 service charge?

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