Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Destruction of Ballot Papers of N. 10 Pending

On a hot Wednesday morning last week, I stood in the scorching sun watching council workers burned the ballot papers of my constituency N10 Pending at their workshop in Semangat road, Pending.

I was called to witness the destroying of my ballot papers two weeks before. In every state election, ballot boxes would be sealed, stored in a safe place by the authority before destroying in six months time.

I understand that my constituency was the last to be destroyed.

As I waited for the council staff to open and destroyed the ballot papers by burning them, there was no witness from the SUPP.

Actually, what I want to bring to the attention of voters is that, do not be afraid who do you vote. There is no authority for anyone to open up the ballot boxes to see the individual votes. In rural areas, it had been known that fear tactic was used to frighten the voters to vote for the Barisan Nasional despite the individual wanting to vote otherwise.

So in the coming general election, be brave to vote who you want and not to fear of any repercussion.

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chewey said...

Allow me to add, that the absence of any witness from SUPP showed their utter disregard of the electoral process. A free and fair vote does not end with the announcement of the winning candidate. Agreed, every vote is secret.