Monday, June 6, 2011

New Sungai Apong Timber Jetty

There are times when I chose to ignore silly statements from SUPP but this is the time when I have to make clear my stand on the timber Jetty at Sg. Apong.

When Youth from SUPP Pending Branch accused me of claiming credit for something done by Dr. Sim Kui Hian, I wanted to say my piece. The credit of the timber Jetty goes to the people and the fishermen in Sungai Apong who deserved better facilities as they too are tax payers.

Way back in 2009, Wee Suk Phing came to see me telling me of the frustration of the timber Jetty which could not be used during low tide. He said a lot of tourists from both Johor and Singapore have to wade through the water to climb to the fishing boats during high tide.

Following his complaint, I wrote to the DID and Sarawak River Board with proposed sketch plan attached. I even raised the matter in the Dewan but no avail.

Without giving up, I wrote again in December, 2010 to the PM's department to ask for fund to upgrade the said Jetty.

When the Youth from SUPP Pending Branch accused me of claiming credit, Wee contacted me as he could not stand such unfair words uttered. Wee wants the people to hear the real side of the story.

When the government officials came to inspect the bridge in April, it was Wee who told them not to construct a floating bridge as proposed by DID's contractor as it is not practical. The bridge was then constructed according to the sketch plan proposed byWee. So now I am asking SUPP what the fuss is this all about. The fishermen wanted a bridge to be upgraded and it was done.

Dr. Sim's name was announced in March, 2011 as the candidate for 10th Sarawak Election. The period to bid for allocation of funds for government projects for year 2011 was closed then. Even when the authorities were interested in wanting to upgrade the bridge, Dr. Sim was still in his on-off mind whether to stand as candidate or not. This was proof of his interviews in all the local papers. So dont take credit unnecessary. Let the people be the judge of what is the actual happening of the situation.

For me, I am glad and happy for the fishermen to have a new timber Jetty to use instead of going through all the hassle of getting into the boat.

And before I forget, if the SUPP still wants to lay credit on the bridge, please build a billboard with Dr. Sim's photo and SUPP logo and have it placed at the entrance of the bridge. That is a suggestion from me.

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