Sunday, October 17, 2010

Recreation Park Turned into Nightmare for Residents

I received not only a few complaints about the park at Stampin 6B BDC Resettlement Scheme but so many that I realized the urgency of going down to see it.

The residents were unhappy that the park which was to be used for children to enjoy and health conscious people to jog or walk has turned into a nightmare for them.

Groups of youths would frequent the park dead at night drinking, shouting and singing to their hearts’ content, not caring that there are decent folks who have to sleep and wake up to go to work the next day.

A resident, Ong said she was worried of her daughter who has to return back late at night after her overtime. What if one of these drunk decide to mug her one day, she told me in fear.

The other neighbours were also annoyed as at times, there seemed to be a race going on. Motorcycle racing around the park without consideration for anyone.

The residents complained that the noise pollution is driving them up the wall. One lamented that since he moved in February, he was not only forced to put up with sleepless nights but worried that one days, the youths who were either high due to alcoholic drinks or drugs would turn violent.

And the place has been turned into a dumping ground, said another resident who walked around the area. The park was not maintained and the residents hoped that instead of a park which was filled with rubbish, half completed facilities would be turned into a garden of green.

I hoped that the council who is mostly in charge of parks would do something about it.

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