Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Low Lying Power Cable Problem at BDC Resettlement Scheme

I am tired of excuses given by authorities when they are incompetence and inefficient especially so when they know they are are monopolizing the trade.

In July, I went to see a resident at the BDC Resettlement area after he complained about the power cables hanging dangerously low over his house. I checked a number of houses in the same area and found most of them are facing the same problems.

After writing to SESCO on July 7, I received a reply from them telling me that rectification works are due

for the lines near the houses I went to and others, and occurred as a result of the soft ground condition and drainage clearing activities, which has caused the poles to sink further.

The SESCO also complained of having no proper road reserve and their intention to plant the poles at the edge of the drain is subjected to soil erosion and pole sinking problems.

It further on went to explain that there are strong objections from the land owners to use their land to place and plant the poles.

Now, would these same people want the poles to be planted in their own house before doing that to others?

Do not tell me about the road reserve. Do something about it. I understand that when the area was initially planned, nothing is perfect.

The thing is to do upgrading work and maintenance so that the lives of these people would be improved. If money and resources were not squandered by the present government, there would still be funds to be used to improve the lives of everyone, including the BDC Resettlement residents.

SESCO should be coordinating with the respective Local Councils to improve on the drainage and the planting of poles.

For once, do something decent for the people instead of moaning and complaining, giving one thousand and one reasons why things cannot be done.

If there is a will, there will be a way.

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