Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Paklah, Najib swap cabinet posts

Today, Pak Lah and Najib swap their cabinet posts. Najib takes over the Finance Minister from Pak Lah whereas Najib's defence minister's post is handed over to Pak Lah with immediate effect.

Pak Lah is using the "money" factor to tame Najib hoping that Najib will not demand him to quit earlier.

Pak Lah knows that he has to defend real hard for his survival, so he makes himself a defence minister. He is forced to take the defensive mode to defend himself from topple, both within and outside UMNO.

We can see Pak Lah is hungry for double P "POWER"!! First "P" is President of UMNO. Second "P" is Prime minister. He has to maximise his art of defence, if not he may not succeed for double P!

The game starts now! Can the Minister of Defence succeed? Let us see.


Hostage said...

Another shadow play by the top 2.

The Rakyat will hear more on Corporate Chieftans moving around.

Alread started involving NSTP and Pos Malaysia.

Hostage said...

There is nothing left in the developed states for this 2.

Next, there will not be agriculture.

Oil and Gas in Miri. NTR is very much involved in Oil and Gas and Martitime Industry.

KJ is involved in a project in Miri. Speak's sho much for owing KJ 10 Q.