Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kuching Election Petition - Chong Chieng Jen Won

This morning, the Election Judge Datuk Clement Skinner had dismissed the Petitioner's case with costs to the Respondent. All the five charges in the Petition were not proven beyond reasonable doubt.

We all felt happy and rejoice over the decision declared.

Chong Chieng Jen maintains both Bandar Kuching P.195 and Kota Sentosa N.12 seats. He is still the "YB2 "!!

I believe, this may not be a "Good News" to our CM, UMNO and SUPP in particular as Chong Chieng Jen is a thorn in their flesh. They had tried all means to throw Chong's out including this Election Petition case!! But fail!

Justice has indeed prevailed!

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Victor said...

Fortunately DAP able to protest their only one seat in Sarawak.

A big number of people in Sarawak are non-muslim. No DAP try to seize their support??

DAP should able to get Chinese and Iban support.