Monday, July 21, 2008

Judgment Day for Sarikei Election Petition

Today is the Judgment Day for Sarikei Election Petition. Justice Datuk Ian Chin dismissed the petition by delivering his 25 paragraphs long judgment.

The end result of the case turned out totally opposite to the so called "Good Feeling" that most of us had when the trial was completed on 9.7.2008. Most of us felt hopeful about the case.

Well, a lesson to be learned today i.e. "Good Feeling" may not always end up with victory. I was indeed saddened and disappointed with the fact that DAP had lost the battle.

I believe our panel lawyers had done their very best to fight the case. Appeal or not Appeal, we shall leave it to the intelligence of the panel lawyers.

1 comment:

Sky said...

Can't blame the DAP team. This is Malaysia. Everything is under controlled.
I don't think DAP will win although the case gave "good feeling" in the beginning. I thought DAP will win also. Too bad "Bao Ching Tian" is not the judge of this case.
51 votes? haha..