Thursday, June 26, 2008

No Parking Payment Booth at Hui Sing Commercial Centre, Kuching

On 1.2.2008, Majlis Bandaraya Kuching Selatan (MBKS) started implementing the parking coupon system for the parking bays at Hui Sing Commercial Centre, Kuching.

Recently, the public from the vicinity of Hui Sing Garden had brought up their grouses to me that there is no coupon payment booth being set up at Hui Sing Commercial Centre. This has led to great inconvenience to the public who wish to buy the parking coupons or making payment of over parking notices. The public are forced to travel all the way to the coupon payment booth at Twin Tower, 2 1/2 mile Rock Road for payment or coupon purchase i.e. about 10 minutes drive from Hui Sing Garden with no traffic jam. Not only that it is time consuming but it also places greater burden on the rakyat due to further car Petrol consumption to make the trip all the way from Hui Sing to 2 1/2 Mile Rock Road for payment. Petrol price per litre is RM2.69, very expensive. Why MBKS force the public to travel the extra and unecessary mileage?

If MBKS wishes to collect the parking payment, then it has the responsiblity to set up the booth. Until and unless MBKS is ready and willing to set up the coupon payment booth, MBKS should cease implementing the coupon payment system at Hui Sing Commercial Centre. Don't you agree?