Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Another Political Stunt by SUPP

A house owner came to see me early this week. He could not understand why he was asked to fill up a form from Land and Survey to appeal for refund of his overpayment of the renewal land lease fees.

SUPP has collected a total of 854 forms on September 16 last year. There was a big hu-ha over it and later, their president, George Chan even come out with a press conference telling the people that only those who applied through SUPP will get the refund.

I am curious to know where the 854 forms. George Chan said on September 16 last year that he will personally hand it over to the Chief Minister. I also wonder where the Chief Minister put the forms if indeed it has been handed over to him. Or is it still collecting dust somewhere in a SUPP office drawers?

The house owner showed me the form and there were a series of unnecessary questions asked, like how much the house owner is earning per month, his other properties if he has any. The government agencies are link with one another so why ask all the unnecessary questions. Just a click on the keyboard, all the information is at the fingertip.

Why is the house owners given the forms to fill when SUPP has done all the donkey job for the land and survey? Is it that the SUPP forms are not eligible to be used for reimbursement?

This is the people’s money. Just give it back to them. What is so difficult to inform the owner and pay back the excess amount.

If SUPP is not the puppets of the Chief Minister, then go and demand the Chief Minister to give the people’s money back to them immediately. SUPP should stop fooling the people over this issue. There is no necessity to fill whatsoever forms if the BN state government is sincere in their deeds and promises.

SUPP should not make a political stunt out of the whole issue. Even on January 16 this year, George Chan has through the media announced that the cabinet has approved the money. Where is the money? Why still make the people waiting?

It is ridiculous to see that the BN state government is so generous to alienate out lands to families of the Chief Minister and cronies for obscenely cheap price or even for “FREE” so what is this little amount of money which in fact belonged to the people, who wants it back.

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