Thursday, January 6, 2011

Why is there no Road Safety Measures taken?

Students from SMK Pending no longer enjoy the walk to school as the pedestrian walk to their school is blocked and dusty whenever a vehicle passes by.

A number of parents called me expressing their concern about the danger their children are facing daily when walking to school.

I went to the school to take a look at the situation myself and was dismayed that the contractor concerned did not take in the consideration of safety for students and other road user using the route in front of the school.

I am all for development and what is to be done to the drains and road there is going to benefit the people in my area, but at the risk of the students.

Watching the students walking on the roadside along Jalan Tun Razak, Kuching is unnerving as vehicles passing by were going at a high speed.

The pedestrian walk is not only filed with mud but concrete piles and other building materials.

It is common to see contractor giving the least consideration to road users whenever any construction is done.

Our mentality of the third world has to change for the better. Work carried out at all places has to have security taken into consideration. I know there is a set of standard safety procedures to be taken by all contractors but why is the relevant contractor ignoring the same? Is JKR keeping an eye closed on the matter?

What if something happen to a student who is forced to walk on the roadside. If, (I pray not) that were to happen, those concerned will start pointing fingers at each other.

I understand that development work being done was already two months and I hoped that it will not take another two months for the contractor to clear out the pedestrian walk for the students.

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