Thursday, August 19, 2010

50% Discount for Parking Beyond Yellow Line

Lately, I was approached by a few car owners who told me that they have to buy season parking coupons at 50% discounted rate for parking beyond the yellow line.

Checking at Lorong Abang Abdul Rahim 10, I visited a few car owners who parked beyond the yellow line but was asked to pay discounted seasonal parking.

I was told that during the bizarre transaction, the car owners would be approached by a group of people to buy the seasonal parking at RM21instead of the original RM42. Special delivery service of the seasonal coupons was rendered to the car owners in the area.

The car owner showed me the seasonal parking coupon and it was a disgrace to see that the MBKS logo was there including the address of the area.

It was just too much. Since the parking lots in the area were gazetted in March this year, car owners who worked at the area was forced to buy the discount rate despite parking their cars at private land which is beyond the yellow line. To me, it is just disgraceful and unethical. How can anyone ask the car owners to pay at a non gazetted area. What is the council doing about it and keeping quiet about it despite my complaints forwarded to the media on last Tuesday?

Someone is answerable to this and this should be put a stop. This is an unethical unprofessional way of bleeding the people. If this is not stopped at all, very soon, all private lands in Kuching town would be affected by this ‘daylight’ robbery of getting car owners to pay for not parking in gazette parking lots. And to make it worst, it was not the land owners who were charging the parking fees.

The Council should come out to explain what this is all about and stop the abuse immediately before this ‘disease’ spread.

Meanwhile, those house owners who have yet to collect their RM300 should do so immediately at the Resident office before the money is revert back to the Treasury.

For the past one year, residents whose houses were flooded in January 2009 had waited patiently for the RM300 compassionate fund. The Resident office informed me last week of the money which I have successfully obtained for the late applicants.

I remembered a few residents who approached the SUPP only to be told that they would not be able to help as the due date was long gone. I helped as I know that these residents were as deserving as the others and due to unfortunate circumstances, they were not able to apply on time. And luckily the 104 of them managed to get their fund.

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