Friday, July 2, 2010

The DAP sales: Shopping Bag to Generate Election Expenses


by Jamie Harrison

DAP is going green by encouraging people to get recycle bags for their shopping instead of using plastic bags.

Launching the recycle bag of the DAP designed with its cute cartoon rocket and “Love Earth”, State Assemblywoman for Pending, violet Yong said each bag cost RM2.

“The money generated is for the expenses of the coming State election,” she said.

Violet said the party also wanted to emphasis on a clean and healthy environment and urged people against using plastic bags.

She said when Pakatan Raykat took over Penang, MB Lim Guan Eng encouraged the people to go without a plastic bag once a day at all shopping centres. The move was so successful and created an awareness that the Penang government has now went on a three-day per week without using plastic bags.

Violet said they would set up a stall tomorrow at Premier 101 from 7.30 pm to 10 pm tomorrow and 8 am to 1 pm at Kenyalang Park on Sunday. At both times, they would also be registering new voters.

On another issue, Violet urged the JKR to get the U turn in front of the Traffic light at Chung Hua School, Jalan Tun Razak to be installed fast as a lot of vehicles had been making illegal U turn to go to Jalan Peace Selatan and other housing areas there.

She said the public has appealed through her in 2008 for the U turn to be constructed. Recently, she brought up the matter again in the last DUN sitting and the JKR replied to her that to get the project done, they need RM100,000 .

Violet said the JKR should considered the project as urgent as there were a few housing estates which need the U turn instead of making a big round.

Meanwhile, at Riverine Housing estate and Mid Way Crescent, Violet said the authority should consider making an opening to the housing estates instead of them making a big U-turn.

After going to the site, Violet said those who wished to go to Samarahan from Riverine Housing estate need to make at least 6 km U turn while at Mid Way Crescent those who wished to head towards town has to go 4 Km to head to the town.

She urged the authority to consider either to install a traffic light or an opening to these housing estates to avoid jams along the roads especially at peak hours.


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purrcat80 said...

Hi Violet, currently there is massive traffic jam esp on peak hours at the roundabout leading to Samarahan due to upcoming traffic from Tabuan Jaya/BDC/Samajaya causing bottleneck as only one lane is opened by JKR. Several accidents had occured here as all motorists from every corner trying to get thru the bottleneck which can stuck there for hours. As for JKR who should be focusing on this critical route entrance as first priority, the road construction had instead been focused further down. One motorist had a scary encounter when 2 cars sandwiched her car while trying to go thru the one & only lane there. As a result, her car was badly scratched as the cars bumped into each other. This issue had been highlighted to Police Traffic to monitor the traffic flow but seems to be no action taken. Hope your goodself can highlight this to JKR as well since motorists from Tabuan Jaya/BDC/Samajaya are now really having difficulty to enter Samarahan.