Tuesday, March 16, 2010

BN is running Sarawak like "Animal Farm"

I am dismay with SUPP President, George Chan’s statement in the newspapers that the Government had solved some problems concerning that on Section 47 of the Land Code. I think I want to make the record straight here.

How on earth can the State government solve the problem of Section 47 when there was no amendment at all in the DUN? (despite DAP’s tabling a bill in the DUN for the Land Code to be amended but the lot of BN YB’s including from SUPP led by George Chan walked out the state assembly)

There are still land owners in Bako who are in the dark about what are going to happen to their lands. Some have been under Section 47 for over 35 years and there was no development on their lands as assured by the State government to do so when they should.

I know of a Chai family who would lose their land very soon if the government refused to lift their land from Section 47. The brothers are poor people staying on the land which was inherited from their ancestors.

George Chan, would you like your house to be drawn under Section 47 and having to move out to the streets. Put yourself in the shoes of the unfortunate ones before you blindly follow what CM wants. You cannot, you know why, because by following what your boss wants you to do, you can continue living a high standard lifestyle, wining and dining with whoever you want. So what do you understand about a poor man’s life. Can you even live through a day like the poor? I doubt very much.

Back to Bako, there were about 379 parcels of lands under Section 47 with some going to expire by March 2012. Naturally, the owners of these lands are a worried lot. Most are poor people and that was why the government harassed and intimidated them off their lands.

I would understand if the lands were taken to build schools, hospitals or public buildings for the benefit of the people. But the problem lies in the fact that there was nothing done to the land that the government had ‘snatched’ from these landowners. The lands were left idle and I would not be surprised if some cronies companies took over the land and developed them into housing or shop houses to sell for personal gains. There are too many of such cases already including the 33.6 acres of lands at Batu Lintang which had since alienated to Naim Cendera for private development.

Two years ago, a few pieces of land in Bako, including that of the Chief Minister’s sister and powerful politician, had their lands lifted from Section 47 and furthermore in perpetuity term.

If the lands in Bako area which are registered under the names of Raziah @ Rodiah Binti Mahmud (CM's sisiter) and Tommy Bin Bugo @ Hamid Bin Bugo can be free from Section 47 notification and furthermore with perpetuity term, why can't other ordinary landowners enjoy the same conditions like the Chief Minister’s sister and Tommy Bin Bugo @ Hamid Bin Bugo? Why certain people are more equal than others? We should not run the state like an “Animal Farm”.

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o.plus said...

When PR comes to power , all BN Sarawak politicians wealth should be investigated thoroughly & should also include overseas assets.....
anyone found guilty should have their wealth confiscated + hefty fines + happy holiday resort(jail)