Sunday, August 2, 2009

Why no action by MACC against MPP?

As I browse through the local papers, a headline in the Borneo Post screamed "Delays make MPP (Padawan Municipal council) seem corrupted: MACC".

According to the complaints lodged at the MACC, the director has mentioned in a forum that 16 complaints have been made against MPP since 2004. That was five years ago and what has the MACC done about these complaints? Wait for another five years to let the MPP know about it in a forum?

Again, it appears that the MACC does not take seriously the complaints lodged against a government department. Why is there a double standard apply when it comes to probe BN government department? The complaints were made by members of the public who claimed that the council failed to take appropriate action against illegal hawkers, turned a blind eye to illegal extension, allowing premises which was not suitable to be used for karaoke and awarding contracts to the same friends, families and cronies. The list goes on.

After Teoh Beng Hock's sad episode, people have doubts on the effiiciency of the MACC and the baised attitude against the Pakatan Rakyat. Now, I want to see what the MACC is going to do next on the complaints. Sweep under the carpet again or are they going to call in the relevant staff of the MPP concerned.

Chairman of the council, Tan Joo Phoi should come out and do something about it. If what is alleged is not true, then he should produce proof to those who have made complaints against the council. If it were true, he should bring the culprits to book.

Corruption is Malaysia Public Enemy No 1. It is time for the MACC to do their job without fear or favour. It is time for them to regain public confidence.
MACC must probed MPP, Violet


A report in the Borneo Post today “Delays make MPP seem corrupted: MACC” is a serious allegation as it claimed that there were 16 complaints made on the Padawan municipal council by members of the public from 2004 to 2009.

State Assemblywoman for Pending, Violet Yong said this afternoon at a press conference that among the complaints spelled out by the MACC included lack of law enforcement against illegal hawkers, delays in renewing hawkers licences, allowing building renovations without council approval, awarding contracts to the same people, either friends, families or cronies. Other complaints inlcuded allowing illegal extension, approving karaoke centres in unsuitable premises.

Yong pointed out that it was a serious matter that the MACC should look into and investigate thoroughly. She said the MACC should take this opportunity to ensure that they conduct an investigation without fear or favour after what has happened to Teoh Bang Hock investigation in West Malaysia which caused a huge uproar. Teoh was found dead after being questioned by the MACC.

Calling for no stones left unturned, Yong said MACC should not close an eye on the allegation made which was announced by them in a forum on Friday.

“The officers involved should be questioned and corruption being Malaysia Enemy No 1, MACC should not be seen to do a job instead of sweeping everything under the carpet,” she added.

Yong said the Chairman of the council, Tan Joo Phoi should also come out to give a statement on the issue and owed the people an explanation on what is happening in his council.

“If it were really just allegation, bring the proof to show the people. You just cannot say it is allegation and then sweep all the dirt under the carpet,” she added.

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