Friday, July 3, 2009

SUPP is Irrelevant

It did not take the DAP long to prove to the people that SUPP is an irrelevant party which has now shriveled to a wimp within the Barisan Nasional component party.

After over two decades of empty promises, Sg. Apong Baru residents had now seen the beginning of a concrete drain taking over their earth drain which was infested with mosquitoes, clogs and foul smell.

SUPP candidates had for many elections stood near the drains using it as a political means to lure voters. In the beginning, the drain is almost an ‘asset’ to their political campaign. During the last state election, the SUPP candidate, Sim Kheng Hui again stood over the drain. This time, the residents were fed up with their empty promises.

Besides having assistant ministers, DCM and even a Mayor (then Chan Seng Khai), the SUPP had failed the people miserably by not even giving a proper drainage system to the people of Sg. Apong. Baru They are part of the government and they cannot even deliver that for the past 2 decades.

It was not easy for me too. When I was elected in, I spoke on the issue in the Dewan for five times. I collected petition from the residents and forwarded it to the late Mayor Chong Ted Tsuing. I met with the present Mayor James Chan who was very open about the whole thing. I continue to bring up the topic for the sake of the people of Sg. Apong Baru.

Today, their dreams have come true. Why? Because they dare to make a change. They make a change of switching from SUPP to DAP. I always believed that development, including education, is the government’s business. On our part, we provide a check and balance within the framework of the state legal and government system.

Back to the drains, I learned that the drains would be done in phases. At least there is a start. I should credit Mayor James Chan for his receptive towards our views even from the opposition and reasoning for the people.

Again, it proved one thing. Mayor James Chan is non political. For a Mayor to perform his best, he should not be in any political party.

My only wish for the people of Sg. Apong Baru is that the project would be completed soon.

It should not remain an empty promise.


audie61 said...

its not so much SUPP is irrelevant YB violet .Its more that DAP wakil rakyat are seen on the ground and going all out to assist the community irrespective of race,colour or creed. Its high time the SUPP boys OPEN UP THEIR EYES or else they will be wiped out. A wakil rakyat is only as good as the next if he carries out his duties rain or shine and does not put himself up on the PEDESTAL.(Uneasy to reach) said...

just a matter of time before Sarawak BN will be all thrown into south china sea